Aquatica Custom Aquariums


Visit AQUATICA to begin your custom home or business aquarium creating a peaceful and tranquil element of beauty for all to enjoy. The Aquatica mission is to provide the rare pieces for the collector, the most colorful livestock for the beauty of the sea and the latest in technological advances in equipment so that everyone can enjoy the essence of the ocean through the masterpiece custom aquariums.

The exotic fish are supplied by Quality Marine and ORA. Quality Marine has over 35 years of livestock knowledge and are recognized as the leaders in fish husbandry and care. Aquatica is in constant communication with Quality Marine so that their customers can have not only healthier fish but also access to some of the rarest fish on the market. ORA (Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums) is a leader in aqua-cultured fish and coral and therefore have livestock that are exclusive to ORA.

AQUATICA Exotic Fish
AQUATICA Exotic Fish

Visit the Aquatica  store where you’ll find aquariums that are illuminated by Radions from Ecotech, the leaders in LED lighting. Aquatica has more Radions for our displays than any other store in the world. All of the systems are UV sterilized and all protein skimmers are made by Reef Dynamics. Owners, David and Sarah West truly care about the livestock that customers bring home, and have found a passion and a purpose in working with exclusive clientele to preserve natures most precious gifts of life found in some of the world’s most rare and exotic fish.

Custom Aquarium Design & Maintenance Service

Aquatica has assembled a team of professionals that can assist in the custom design of an aquarium for your home or workplace. Whatever the size of the project, they work closely with their customers so it can reflect the vision they have of their own piece of ocean life. Ask for a consultation today.

Custom Aquariums
Custom Aquariums

Aquatica also has a maintenance program that will keep your aquarium sparkling and livestock healthy. They will examine all the equipment and make any recommendations as to ensure you can enjoy your aquarium to the fullest. They are fully equipped to transport large amounts of water for water changes. Knowledge, expertise, and hard work will ensure more predictable outcomes.

Charity Involvements

Each year Aquatica organizes a  Charity Fundraiser in honor of a great cause bringing both honorable causes and business together.

Whether you are seeking a breathtaking element of beauty for your home or business, Aquatica has all the essentials and the professional expertise you will need to create exactly what you are looking for.

Visit Aquatica online at or call now  760-597-0445

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