Anti-Aging Beauty Treatments

Anti-Aging Beauty Treatments
Anti-Aging Beauty Treatments

Start the new off with a new beauty look that can be achieved in these quick and simple anti-aging beauty therapy treatments. When it comes to the new year, people generally aim to transform their life with new resolutions and new goals. As you begin to spell out your new years’ resolutions, maybe it’s time to consider a new beauty look for 2015. With these quick and easy beauty treatments you can rejuvenate your look without having to spend the entire season in recovery.

The key to choosing a quick, rejuvenating beauty treatment is finding a procedure with little downtime. Life is so busy and you don’t have time to hide out, waiting to recover. You’ll also want a procedure with almost instantaneous results. Here are a few great options to try:

Chemical Peel-“Take out the trash for a cleaner look!” says Dr. Sherman. Sloughing off dead layers of skin and allowing fresh new skin to shine through, a chemical peel can revitalize your skin. Deeper peels can provide stunning results, but for a pick-me-up you’ll probably want to stick with a superficial peel to minimize redness and recovery times. To maximize your healing keep your skin moisturized (especially important with the dry winter air) and avoid sun exposure (or use sunscreen) for a few weeks.

Botox®– Without even knowing it, our faces make thousands of little expressions each day. Some of these muscle movements lead to wrinkling (crow’s feet, vertical lines or the angry “number 11” between the eyes, etc.). Botox is no downtime injectable treatment puts your overactive brow depressor muscles in a temporary time out, allowing your stressful wrinkles between the brow and around the eyes to finally relax and fade. This allows your facial message to go from stressed and angry to relaxed and calm. These treatments last about 4 months, and are highly effective and when given by an expert injector look completely natural (no frozen faces here). Deborah Sherman, a National Trainer and Spokesperson for Botox, has found that one treatment is all it takes for most patients to fall in love with Botox with an exceptionally high patient satisfaction rate. It takes just days to see results, so it’s easy to say goodbye to those wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers– Fillers can instantly plump up lips, lift sagging facial skin, soften lines and wrinkles, and even improve the appearance of scars. If you’re looking for a quick beauty fix, fillers are often the solution. Dr. Sherman explains, “Dermal fillers take less than 30 minutes to apply and the results appear almost immediately. When my patients want a quick pick me up, I often turn to fillers. Any redness can be hidden under makeup easily. We cannot keep the latest new FDA approved filler, Juvederm Voluma™, on the shelf as everyone wants the office Liquid Lift for uplifted cheeks and a youthful facial contour.”

Laser Skin Purification– Red is a great color for decorating your tree, but red discoloration and brown blotchy spots can give your face an old and weathered look. Laser skin treatments can help diminish those pesky age spots and red discolorations to smooth skin for a more elegant look. Dr. Sherman recommends the FDA approved GentleYag laser to many of her patients for achieving a pure canvas of beautiful skin. Treatments take about 45 minutes. Any redness or swelling that may occur typically fades in about 24 hours, and the results of sequential treatments can truly turn back the hands of time.

 These quick treatments will have you looking younger and more radiant this year in all of your new selfies. With practically no downtime and results you can see in days, these treatments are the perfect choice for a pick me up and start off this year with a fabulous new look.

By Dr. Deborah Sherman 


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