A Closer Look At Lawrence Of La Brea Rugs 

Beverly Hills Magazine A Closer Look at Lawrence of La Brea Rugs
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If there is one home décor staple that can instantly revamp your space, it is the rug. So many people set aside a big budget for rugs, and it is only fair that you spend it on unique pieces. Unfortunately, not everybody understands the power of rugs. These accessories hold so much power to change the ambiance and aura of your home.

Rugs draw everything in the living room together. Besides, they are known to offer focus and character to every room. You’ll be surprised by all the different functions of a rug. All in all, there is no better way to make your space feel appealing and homier than to add a few Lawrence of La Brea rugs.

Lawrence of La Brea designer rugs can turn your living room into a haven of color and warmth. They are great when it comes to highlighting a sense of space, clean lines, and the minimalism love of symmetry.

Why Lawrence Of La Brea?

The Los Angeles rug store Lawrence of La Brea has a rich history of antique rugs from all corners of the world. The store’s affinity for antique rugs has always been high, and they’ve become the one-stop-shop for designers and homeowners.

Lawrence of La Brea has been around for some years, and David Nourafshan is the man who runs the show. With more than two decades of experience in the rug trade, you can be sure that he knows his rugs.

David has worked with top designers, meaning that he understands a lot about rugs and style. Rugs are his niche, and he has perfected it pretty well.

Is Lawrence of La Brea Rugs Worth the Hype?

Designers and fashion-savvy people have been raving about this luxury brand, but is it worth the hype? Well, here are a few things you should know about Lawrence of la Brea Rugs:

  1. Rugs for Every Facet of Life

Finding antique rugs can be a daunting task, but that’s not the case when you visit the LA-based Lawrence of La Brea store. David has a vast collection of antique rugs from all over the world. Whether you want rugs that come from Morocco, India, China, Turkey, the USA, Pakistan, Russia, or Afghanistan, Lawrence got you covered.

The current interior design trends are all about individual and minimalist style. Luckily, Lawrence of La Brea has also embraced the trend, meaning you can find a rug that suits your minimalist style. As you well know, minimalism has taken over the interior design world, and it’s good that Lawrence of La Brea is encouraging it as well.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Fibers

If you are all about the minimalist lifestyle, you understand the importance of being environmentally conscious. Today most people are leaning towards products made from natural materials. Fortunately, Lawrence of La Brea is moving along with this trend – they have a vast collection of rugs made of natural fibers.

Most of their natural fiber rugs have an earthy touch that will give your house a rustic and cozy feel. If you are looking for rugs that will spark joy in your home, you can’t go wrong with Lawrence’s rug collection. Whether you prefer rugs made of jute, hemp, silk, wool, bamboo silk, cotton, or sisal grass, Lawrence of La Brea has it all.

  1. Rugs for Simple Living

Some people will tell you that minimalist homes can’t keep up with emerging trends, but that’s just a misconception. Amazingly, most of the current trends center around simple living, which explains why the concept of Japandi has become so popular. 

Now combine Japandi with a few of the Lawrence of La Brea antique rugs; won’t you achieve a glamorous living space. As much as the concept of Japandi revolves around doing more with less, you can make a statement by adding a natural fiber rug. 

Rugs can create striking moments in spaces with less but more indispensable items. Keep in mind that each piece is vital in a minimalistic home.

Wrapping Up

So, Lawrence of La Brea has the perfect rug for you no matter what your preferences are. Their New York store has a collection of antique, modern, transitional, traditional and flat weave rugs that you can’t find anywhere else. 

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