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Beverly Hills Magazine New Social Platforms That You Should Know in 2021
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Social platforms have become a crucial medium in the present scenario. The applications of these platforms keep increasing with time. During these challenging times of COVID, social platforms play a huge role in keeping the situation under control. WHO has collaborated with Facebook to create awareness about COVID and control this deadly disease’s spread. Social platforms have become the lifeline on many occasions due to their ability to enable people to connect with anyone. In a decade, social platforms have come a long way from being an entertainment medium. Many platforms allow marketers to use them for commercial purposes. For instance, if a brand is willing to have a presence on TikTok, it can buy TikTok likes, which maximizes the traffic to the TikTok videos. In this article, I will shed light on the social platforms that are anticipated to gain momentum. 


Whisper is a social application that lets people speak about everything they are willing to. Today, many social applications have a close eye on what their users are posting. They immediately remove a post if they find it to be controversial or unnecessary. This has also given rise to debates. Hence, this has driven people to find a place to speak about anything running through their minds without any restrictions. This has made many feel that Whisper is the right place for them. The social platform allows you to post anonymously, and it is not necessary to have any identity such as username etc. If you find posts from a person exciting and fascinates you, you can approach him through a personal message. Today, the platform has as many as 30 million users and is predicted to rise further as long as it doesn’t levy any limitations to its users. 


Upstream is a platform that works best for B2B professionals. This is because the platform brings together people from various professions and to share their thoughts and ideas. For instance, if you cannot find ways to keep your business running and curb the losses during the pandemic, Upstream is the ideal platform for you. Because you can find posts from various professional experts speaking about how the businesses can cope with these challenging times. 

Similarly, you can gain deep insights and tips regarding any sort of business by having a presence on this social application. If you are making your baby steps in a business and struggling to climb the ladder of success, you can find your mentor here who could show you the right path. If its user base keeps rising for the next few years, it may grow into a massive competitor for Linkedin. We are also witnessing the trend of professionals opening an account on Upstream since the organic post has dropped drastically on Linkedin for quite some time now.   


The Clubhouse is expected to be the next big thing in the social media world. The social platform is completely audio-based, where people can speak and share their thoughts through audio in real-time. The platform has rooms where people or professionals interact about a specific topic. You can join or leave the room anytime. The platform is now only available for IOS users. Hence, if it gets rolled out, it may witness a fast surge in its user base. The Clubhouse is also considered a better replacement for Zoom Calls. In many Zoom call conferences, knowledge sharing takes place dominantly through vocal interactions. 

Hence, Clubhouse being the audio-based platform can be utilized for conferences in the coming times if it gets added to the Play Store. Because in the video calls, you have to consider various factors such as getting well-dressed for a meeting, background and internet bandwidth, etc. All these can be discarded on Clubhouse. All you have to ensure is whether your voice is audible to everyone who will get connected in your Clubhouse room. Currently, Clubhouse has around 2 million weekly active users. The user base can increase rapidly if it is made available on the Play Store. 


Though Telegram is prevalent for a long time now, its user base has exploded only very recently. Today privacy has become a significant issue among social platform users. Platforms are bringing changes to their privacy policy that has also irked among their users. Telegram offers complete privacy to its users. It has features such as ‘secret chat’ that is end-to-end encryption enabled and provides complete privacy to the users. You can also create groups on Telegram that allow you to add up to 2 lakhs people. Notably, you can be active on Telegram through a username alone, unlike Whatsapp. People can find you on Telegram through your username and text you. 

Wrapping Up

People stay glued to social platforms rather than any other digital medium because each social platform has a different landscape providing a whole new experience. Today, we can also find new niche platforms that are focused on a specific industry. The above-given platforms are expected to gain momentum this year.  

Peace Adebola
Peace is a freelance content writer who enjoys reading, acquiring knowledge and she loves to code.
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