A 5-Step Guide to Creating a Luxurious Bedroom

A 5-Step Guide to Creating a Luxurious Bedroom #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #perfectbed #handlessdesign #interiordesign #fittedwardrobes #luxuriousbedroom
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Your bedroom is your escape from the rest of the world, including the hustle and bustle of a busy home. If your existing interior appears drab or cheap, it is time to right this wrong to ensure it soothes your mind, body, and soul each time you step inside.

Never settle for a bland, cluttered, or outdated space that brings you zero joy. Feel glad to be home by reading this five-step guide to creating a luxurious bedroom.

Step One: Install a Built In Wardrobe

Before you start thinking about the perfect bed or interior design color, it is an intelligent move to choose from a variety of beautiful built in wardrobes to create a more organized, attractive space. The bespoke, high-quality furniture will match your exact room dimensions, which will make it appear as if it was created with the home.

Also, you can choose from different layouts, door styles, and internal options to match your specific storage and interior requirements. For example, you can incorporate a modern or traditional design to complement your home and taste, and they are available in various hues or stone or wood effects.

Plus, you could work with a designer to introduce a handless design, a shaker style, or sliding doors, and you could even add hanging rails, shelving, internal drawers, and much more. Once designed and installed, you should find bedroom furniture and décor to match the luxurious bespoke wardrobes, which will help you craft a more expensive-looking space.

Step Two: Choose a Soothing Interior Design

After you have introduced made-to-measure wardrobes in the bedroom, turn your attention towards its color scheme. As your bedroom should serve as a sanctuary, consider decorating the space in soothing colors that will allow you to unwind once you step inside.

Most interior designers will choose neutral or muted colors to create a restorative environment. Think natural tones, pastel shades, or rich hues that encourage rest and relaxation. Moreover, they will often add a pop of color by incorporating indoor plants, fresh flowers, and vibrant cushions.

Remember, the lighting you choose will also determine how soothing your bedroom feels. Create an inviting ambiance by installing a dimmer switch, adding a floor lamp, burning candles, or placing matching table lamps on symmetrical bedside tables.

Step Three: Craft the Perfect Bed

It takes many elements to create the perfect bed. You will first need to find a bedframe that complements your modern or traditional home, the fitted wardrobes, and your chosen décor. Also, set aside time to find the correct mattress for your needs to support a good night’s sleep.

Once you have checked the above boxes, you must add premium pillows and bed linens to ensure you sleep blissfully every night of the week. Remember, you will want a sheet and duvet to be breathable, which is why cotton, linen, or bamboo are great options for a comfortable night’s sleep. Finally, you can dress the bed with attractive cushions and a throw that will add softness, color, and texture to your stunning bedroom.

Step Four: Add Much Texture to Your Interior

Speaking of texture, you must introduce additional tactics to add more softness and visual interest to the space. For example, lay down a touchable area rug that will add personality to your interior while appearing warm and cozy.

Also, try to use a mix of textiles across the bedroom to make it appear more interesting and stylish, such as:

  • Velvet
  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Leather
  • Silk

Use the above materials for armchair upholstery, window treatments, blankets, pillows, and much more. Also, find ways to play with textures to create a more tactile interior design, such as draping a wool blanket over a cool leather armchair or footstool.

Step Five: Hang Stunning Works of Art

Beautiful works of art ooze style and sophistication. The right piece can add color, personality, texture, and elegance to a bedroom, ensuring your interior never fails to impress you, your partner, or any guests.

Never sit and stare at a bare and boring wall. Hang a stunning work of art that matches your personality and ties the bedroom’s color palette together. Browse works from various artists until you discover a piece that suits your interior design, preference, and the room’s size. A little research could help you find stunning artwork, which could vary from traditional pencil sketches to bold graphic art.

If you follow the above advice, you could soon craft a soothing, stylish, and functional bedroom that you will never want to leave.

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