8 Reasons Why You’ll Love A Floating Vanity

White Modern Interior Design of Bathroom Floating Vanities
8 Reasons Why You'll Love A Floating Vanity #interiordeisgn #bathroom #modern #chic #bevhillsmag

When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, many want a sleek and contemporary look that is also functional. Many remodeling designs won’t require you to tear down your bathroom and rebuild it from scratch all over again; sometimes a remodel is adding a different type of shower cabinet, a bathroom mirror with lighting, or a trendy bathroom vanity. (Image Credit: Chastity Cortijo/Unsplash)

The latest trend on the market these days is the floating vanity, and it’s all the craze for a good reason! A Floating Vanity, which is mounted on your wall giving that ‘floating look,’ will definitely give you that contemporary style; your bathroom will feel like it has popped out of a design catalogue. They really have increased in popularity over the years, are now a versatile option working with many various styles, are highly beneficial, and do wonders for your bathroom’s design and function.

Below are 8 reasons why you should definitely install one in your bathroom.

1) It adds space to your bathroom

Having a floating vanity gives the illusion of uninterrupted floor space; making it appear more spacious. Most bathrooms are small in size, and so a floating vanity will help making your space appear bigger than it really is. It also differs from traditional cabinets by appearing less bulky and more homogeneous with your bathroom.

2) Extra storage space

This kind of vanity in particular is ideal for the average organization nerd. It will allow you a chance to display your hand towel basket or any other bathroom amnesties and toiletries elegantly. You can also display any elegant or funky bathroom accessories. The extra storage beneath the sink will also give you room to store your towels or linens for easy access. This is a chance for your inner organizer to totally geek out.

3) It’s easier to clean around

Floating vanities make the opportunity to clean your bathroom floor much easier than before. You can easily mop up the floor underneath and truly take advantage of the fact that there are no corners or nooks. This means there will be no dust-mites gathering or dirt pockets. 

4) It accommodates any design

Installing a floating vanity means you can get creative with your designs. If you’re going for a total remodel, then choose patterned floor tiles that you’d like to show off; something you wouldn’t be able to do with traditional vanities. You can also add dramatic lighting beneath your vanity for an atmospheric effect. Or, you can create a rustic and wooden touch, an open-spaced shelving plan, or a minimalistic approach. Whatever it is, floating vanities will definitely give you the creative freedom you need when designing them.   

5) Height won’t be an issue

Floating vanities accommodate to any height. Unlike standard vanities that often have to be a little high, floating vanities give you the option to choose the height you want according to your needs. So short users or tall ones won’t have an issue!

6) It’s perfect for every family member

Because floating vanities have ideal floor space, it can easily accommodate from the youngest to the oldest of bathroom users. Your toddler or child will have room to store their step stool beneath the vanity without crowding floor space. It’s also convenient for those who need to use a wheelchair or walkers.

7) Allows radiant heat

Many contractors recommend floating vanities if you have invested in radiant-heating flooring. This will maximize your heat and keep your feet and toes toasty in the winter without worrying about overheating problems. The airy space below will definitely help.

8) They’re customizable

Having a wall-mounted vanity is not only ideal for small spaces, but for larger bathroom spaces as well by using a longer vanity for your wall. You can also create a double vanity with space in-between. They can also adapt to any bathroom space, no matter how odd it is by designing its shape to fit your wall needs like curving it, making it into a corner, or adding a couple of vanities on two different walls. You can also customize its shelves to include space for your tower racks, for example.

9) Flexible and functional

The beauty about floating vanities is that they’re highly flexible in design and extremely functional in use. They’re the modern answer to chic bathroom design and are an ideal focal point in your bathroom. Floating vanities come in many shapes, sizes, and designs so get creative with your choice! Check the detailed guide on how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

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