Top 5 Furniture Removal Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

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Top 5 Furniture Removal Tips for a Hassle-Free Move

Many people consider relocating to be a difficult phase in their lives; however, in most cases, it is about moving forward in life. Whether you are moving across the country or across the street, the biggest challenge in the entire process is shifting furniture while making sure it remains in one piece altogether. (Image Credit:  Congerdesign/Pixabay)

Although it’s a good opportunity to employ the services of good friends and family in the entire relocation process, it’s always best to work with professional moving companies in Fairfax, VA to ensure that everything is packed well and no one gets hurt in the process. Some people actually specialize in furniture removal.

It requires good organizational skills and some preparations in advance to make the move hassle-free. So, here are a few furniture removal tips that will not only make things easy but will also make sure that no one gets hurt in the process.

Advance Preparation

It is always better to be prepared in advance. Check your schedule and get everything fixed within it. Call professional moving companies and book storage and moving pods a month before the actual move. It might be a hectic season for the moving companies, so it is always recommended to secure a preferred date. Also, deciding the moving date will help you prepare your family, physically and mentally, for the move.

If possible, plan your journey well in advance. Get the directions and road maps so that you don’t get lost on the moving day. Knowing the way to your new home will help boost your confidence.

Take Inventory

Next, take stock of all the furniture that you currently have. It is the right time for you to decide what is going with you to your new home and what you will need to give away. If you are moving to a bigger house, you must consider keeping your existing furniture until you are able to replace it with bigger pieces.

On the other hand if you are downsizing, then you may consider selling away your dining room, living room furniture and bedroom sets so you can purchase new furniture to fit your new house.

Disassemble First

If possible, disassemble your furniture in advance. If there are items that won’t fit through the door or across the hallway, you must disassemble the furniture before moving it into a moving truck. Make sure you disassemble one piece at a time and keep the nuts and bolts safe so that it can easily be reassembled later. It might seem like a time-consuming task in the beginning but will also save a lot of time and energy when moving.

Wrap and Protect

If you want to keep your furniture in good shape during a move, you will have to dedicate a budget to take professional assistance from a professional moving company. You will have to work with them to make sure that everything is perfectly wrapped and protected, so it doesn’t get damaged. For smaller furniture items, you can use moving blankets, bubble wrap, or packing paper to wrap around the items so that they stay protected. Not to forget, you must pay special attention to edges and use packing tape to make sure everything is kept in place during your furniture removal.

Load Heavy Items First

If you are considering moving on your own, make sure you have somebody to help you load and unload the rented truck. Appliances, sofas, couches, dressers, dining room furniture, and other large furniture should be loaded first and moved to the back of the truck. If you want to hire professional movers, then you don’t have to worry about loading and about all your belongings arriving in one piece as they will take care of everything.

This is it! You have planned well enough to make your move a breeze. Following these steps correctly will make the entire process, from start to finish, hassle-free.

We hope you have a happy moving experience!!

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