7 Ways Your Charity Can Help The Homeless

7 Ways Your Charity Group Can Help the Homeless in the New Normal #charity group #helping the homeless

Due to the recent Pandemic, a myriad of people have lost their jobs. As a consequence, many people have also lost their homes and are forced to live in their cars or live on the streets. This is a sad reality throughout the world. These poor souls wander the streets with little shelter or sustenance. Their condition also makes them more vulnerable to the pandemic. As such, it goes without saying that they need help, and fast. So if you are part of a charity group, and have the means, you should take the steps to help them survive during these times of uncertainty. Here are 7 ways your charity group could help the homeless in the new normal. (Image Credit: Skitterphoto/pexels)

Organize food drives

As it was stated earlier, the world economy suffered due to the pandemic. Thousands of businesses closed down and millions of people lost their jobs. Families are left to their own devices and are forced to live without financial support for months. By organizing food drives you will be able to alleviate the sufferings of so many people. When you buy food, it is important that you make them as nutritionally balanced as possible. 

Remember that in order for the immune system to combat the Coronavirus, it will need to be as strong as ever. The best way to strengthen your immune system is to ensure that your body is receiving the right nutrients. So instead of giving away junk foods like chips and other foods that offer little to no nutrition, make sure that you give away fruits and vegetables.

Give out free face masks and sanitation products

In the new normal, we will all need to be properly equipped to fight against the threat of Coronavirus contamination. This is especially true for the homeless because they live out in the open, and are extremely vulnerable to the threats of the disease. Make it a priority to give away face masks and other sanitation products such as wet wipes and toilet paper. They may live rough and not have shelter on a regular basis, but at least you can provide them with the rudimentary protection until they can get a more permanent home for themselves.

Invest in tiny houses for the poor

One of the best ways to help the homeless is to provide them with adequate housing. This will give them a sense of security and shelter from the elements. It would be difficult and very costly to provide full-sized houses or apartments. But there are affordable and effective alternatives. Tiny houses have been gaining popularity in the past few years. 

Companies like JJC create prefab tiny houses. JJC container homes are well-made and highly durable. They are also customizable and easy to assemble. By giving the homeless shelter and good living conditions, you are giving them a more dignified existence. 

Help them find job opportunities

When it comes to helping the homeless, the most practical way is to provide them with as many job opportunities as possible. If you continue to give them charity, they will be dependent on you. But give them the means to earn a living, and you are not only giving them a livelihood but also giving them control of their own life.  So make it a priority to find jobs for the homeless

Teach them key hygiene habits for the new normal

In the new normal, we can no longer afford to be careless. This is especially true for the homeless, who have less than enough resources at their disposal. If they get sick they would not be able to afford the hospital treatments. Your charity group should take the time to teach the homeless proper protocol and safety regulations for Covid-19. Give them key tips on how to practice proper hygiene and the threats to look out for. By teaching them these safety tips you will most likely save a lot of lives.

Coordinate with other charity groups

Your charity group may have ample resources, but it is always better to coordinate with other charity groups and NGOs. By coordinating with other charity groups, you are not only doubling your budget but are also expanding your reach. They may also have ideas that will make your outreach programs more focused and effective. 

Be consistent with your help

When it comes to doing charity work, consistency is key. If you are going to make an effort to help, you will need to give it your all. You will need to make a commitment to your cause. Remember that there are people’s lives on the line. The pandemic is a real and dangerous threat. So if you are going to provide help, make sure that you are consistent. If you pledge to give a certain amount to help in the cause, be sure that you deliver. If you are going to help in a food drive or provide check-ups for the homeless, make sure that you show up. All in all, just showing up and doing your part is enough to make a difference. 


Being able to help and care for the homeless in your community is a great and worthy endeavor. Just make sure that you also stay safe during these times of uncertainty. You won’t be able to help others if you are also sick. So stay safe, and keep doing a great job. 

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