7 Things That Make K-Dramas So Addictive

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In our day and age, even the most fastidious viewers can find something to their liking in terms of movie and TV genres — from blockbusters to mockumentaries to adaptations of fantasy books. However, one of the most-watched and well-appreciated genres today — koreanovelas or k-dramas — stands out from the crowd by appealing to numerous viewers worldwide, regardless of the language barrier.

There are several reasons why k-dramas have become so addictive and popular — we’ll explore them in the article below. Apart from the astonishing cinematography and great soundtracks, k-dramas are known for their family-friendly yet unique and unpredictable plotlines, beautiful cast members, charming sense of humor, and easy-to-marathon format. Continue reading to learn more about the facets of this popular genre!

Great Plotlines

The primary reason why one can’t get enough of k-dramas is the originality of their storylines. The writers don’t simply follow a set pattern and stick to it but try out new things each time. And they succeed — each k-drama is unique in its own way.

The storylines follow a variety of genres, from romance and comedy to mystery and thriller. Some k-dramas even have a historical twist or are set in a fantasy world. Whatever the genre, the writers know how to make the viewers care about the characters. And we all cherish seeing them fall in love, struggle with their personal demons, and overcome obstacles.

Great Cast Members

One of the best things about k-dramas is that they are primarily driven by their cast members, who give their best every time. The actors, who are also musicians and singers, work both on-camera and off-camera with equal enthusiasm and professionalism.

Some of the great names that you should watch include Kim Soo-Hyun, Jang Keun-Suk, Lee Min-Ho, Song Hye-Kyo, Park Bo-Young, and Jun Ji-Hyun — you can find more information about them at dramabeans.com or other online platforms dedicated to k-dramas. These actors and actresses are not only great on-screen, but they also are known to be down-to-earth and friendly with their fans in real life, which further adds to the appeal of k-dramas.

Natural Flaws of the Characters

Another great thing about k-dramas is that their characters have natural flaws — most of them are not the perfect specimens of humanity, which makes them easier to relate to. No matter how charismatic or beautiful they might be, their characters have at least one thing that makes them relatable to ordinary people like us. They are not perfect, but they are human — and as such, we can see ourselves in them.

The characters often learn from their mistakes and become better people for it. The characters’ flaws are often gently addressed so that the show doesn’t feel cheesy or pretentious. And let’s just say that if you watch enough k-dramas, you will quickly identify some character traits that you might not like about yourself. But that doesn’t make this genre any less lovable!

Pleasant Soundtracks

You might say that the soundtrack of a movie or TV show is not the most crucial element. Still, there is no denying that music plays a significant part in our lives — it can make us feel happy or sad, and it can elevate an ordinary scene into something special. This is where k-dramas shine — they deliver pleasant soundtracks every time!

Each drama has a unique soundtrack that perfectly fits the storyline and its mood. Even if you haven’t started watching a show yet, you can listen to its soundtrack (if it’s available online) to get a taste of what’s coming. And once you start watching a show, you’ll most likely find yourself humming its soundtrack long after finishing it.

Easy-to-Marathon Format

The format of k-dramas is so addictive that you can literally marathon many episodes in a short period! Yes, you read that right — k-dramas are so easy to binge-watch that they’re almost addictive.

The length of the episodes is usually less than an hour — even if you don’t have much time, you can always squeeze in one episode (or two) before going to sleep or when you’re waiting for your friend at lunchtime, etc. It’s fun because they always leave you wanting more and more!

Not Too Serious

Unlike other TV shows and movies, k-dramas never take themselves too seriously — they are often lighthearted and humorous. Some of them have a great sense of humor, while others make you laugh out loud with their quirky characters and situations.

The drama format is perfect for this kind of entertainment. Each episode has its own beginning, middle, and end, so it’s easy to watch a random episode without getting confused about the storyline. And you can always rewatch it for the fun of it!

Great Cinematography

K-dramas are also known for their outstanding cinematography. The action scenes are nicely shot, the makeup looks natural and believable, and the costumes are rich in color and detail. Most importantly, the cameras capture all the great moments that happen in each drama — from the most romantic ones to the hilarious ones.

The beautiful locations are also worth mentioning — from the modern-looking cities to tranquil countryside or lush forests with robust vegetation, k-dramas are full of breathtaking sceneries.

Final Thoughts

If you’re starting to watch k-dramas, don’t worry — you’ll pick up on the plotline and characters quickly. If you’re a fan of the genre, you will surely agree that there’s something for everyone here — from romance to comedy, from thrillers to period dramas, and from fantasy to historical. It’s even possible to find a series with all these elements in one!

So, whether you’re already a fan of k-dramas or if you’re just getting into the genre, we hope this article will help you get more out of your favorite shows. And if you’re not a k-drama fan yet, check out the currently trending k-dramas online — they’re among the best ones available today, and they will surely make you fall in love with this genre!

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