7 Reasons To Hire A Probate Attorney

7 Reasons To Hire A #Probate #Attorney #business #bevhillsmag #law #legal
7 Reasons To Hire A #Probate #Attorney #business #bevhillsmag #law #legal

“P” is for probate, and “p” is for pain. Navigating probate on your own can be a total legal nightmare and one of the most stressful things you can go through. That’s what a probate attorney is for! For example, there are court appearances, the endless forms and all the legal regulations you’ll need to be able to understand. (Image Credit: Espartgraphic/Pixabay)

So why not remove the stress from yourself and your family and hire a professional who can get everything done in weeks — not years? Here are a few reasons why you should hire a local probate attorney.

 Reduce Conflict

No group of people squabbles more than a family. Naturally, when you have no lawyer, several members of the family will want to be involved. All that does is create confusion and conflict, but if you don’t let them get involved, they might say you’re keeping something from them.

The more people involved, the harder everything becomes. People start disagreeing with each other, and there may be irreparable damage done to family relationships.

Enter a probate lawyer who is unbiased and willing to clear up all concerns from the squabbling family members. Plus, a probate lawyer can handle the estate properly, which eliminates potential accusations from family members that you’re doing it all wrong.

Accelerate Access

Probating is a time-consuming process that takes months. Even with a probate lawyer, probating can take a year. However, without a probate lawyer, it can take double or triple that time.

Erase Claims

There’s always going to be that one person making a claim. Maybe a family member wasn’t mentioned — or a spouse — most likely an ex-spouse. This family member feels entitled to a slice of the estate. A probate lawyer can prevent these types of claims from escalating.

Sometimes beneficiaries will also have an issue — possibly because they don’t think the estate is being distributed fairly. But with a lawyer, nobody can say you’re using the estate for your own benefit and private gains.

Reduce the Likelihood of Rejection

When probating, you’ll need to file documents with the court before anything can really happen. And everything needs to be filled out and filed correctly, which can be confusing for non-experts who are under stress as it is. If there’s a single mistake, the court will reject the documents.

After a rejection, you have to do even more, and the process could drag on even longer than initially expected. It’s not fun for anyone involved, even the court. With a probate lawyer, however, you reduce your chances of making a mistake because the lawyer knows how to complete and file paperwork correctly, as well as deal with any hiccups that arise along the way.

Supply Answers

When it comes to probating, everyone’s going to have questions that nobody in the family can answer. Was there any debt involved? Does probating need to happen for all of the deceased’s assets? Who has a legal right to be notified of the proceedings?

A probate lawyer can answer these questions and any others that come up. A probate lawyer also serves as an invaluable asset to the process, because if something goes wrong and you haven’t hired one, you can be held accountable.

Handle Debts

Say the answer to that first question is yes, the deceased had debt. And the more complex the finances are, the more time you’ll have to spend on it — and pay some of it. A lot of the time, these debts can be paid right from the estate, but not always. You can never assume things during the probating process. With a probate lawyer, you get reassurance that everything is going smoothly, and you won’t have to make assumptions. The lawyer knows best.

Avoid Paying Too Much

Finances are messy, so naturally, you might overpay on something by mistake. Or worse, you underpay or pay the wrong way. Then there are legal documents to deal with, like with creditors and shifting accounts and closing accounts and so much confusion. It’d be much easier to just get a probate lawyer to help you handle it.

Avoid Lawsuits

As you know, some squabbling relatives know no boundaries, which means you may find yourself dealing with disagreements that can potentially lead to lawsuits. With a probate attorney at the helm, however, you’re probably not going to end up with a lawsuit. Instead, everything will be out in the open and disclosed in a clear and simple manner to all parties involved.

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