6 Tips to Ease Tummy Tuck Recovery

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After your tummy tuck surgery, you want to do all you can to give your body the time it needs to heal and recover. Ease the recovery process so that you can enjoy your results and maintain them over time. Give your body the rest it needs by following the six tips below.

1. Minimize Your Movement

It takes between three to six weeks to heal from your tummy tuck, and you should do your best to abstain from strenuous physical activity within that time. You might also need to hire childcare assistance, as picking up your kids during this time is not advisable.

You want to give your body time to heal so that the results of your tummy tuck are optimal. Try to do everything you can to minimize movement so your body can heal. Gaining or losing weight can undo your results. To ensure that you reach a healed tummy tuck scar, minimize your movement.

2. Eat Healthy And Apply Compresses

In addition to minimizing movement, you also want to do what you can to help the moderate amount of pain you may experience during your recovery. Stay hydrated and stick to healthy foods to avoid weight gain during this sedentary period. Utilize hot and cold packs to keep yourself comfortable as you heal from your popular plastic surgery procedures.

3. Know What To Avoid

Always speak with your surgeon about any other aspects to avoid during recovery, like alcohol, caffeine, and certain medications. Staying away from these things may not be necessary, but it is wise to talk to your surgeon to know for sure.

4. Minimize Your Stress

You must take all the time you need to rest and relax. Do your best to minimize stress as you are more likely to have less patience being so exhausted. Ask your partner or friends and family to help you out while recovering. Hire childcare or pet care as needed, and consider hiring house cleaning services while you are on bed rest.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep as much as you can! Sleep is the body’s natural way of deep healing, and cell repair occurs during sleep which helps your body recover effectively and be at its best. The more you rest, the faster your body can heal from any swelling and tension that may have occurred following surgery.

Prioritizing your sleep is essential, as it ensures that your results will be optimal, making it more likely that the results of your plastic surgery will restore your confidence.

6. Follow Aftercare Guidelines

Listen to your provider’s instructions regarding aftercare, including the appropriate pain reliever medications and any garments you may need to wear to assist with recovery. There are also scar creams that you can purchase to minimize scars.

The more you take it easy, the more effectively your scar will heal, reducing its overall size and appearance with the more rest you get. Although the total disappearance of your surgery scar is unlikely, you can reduce the appearance by applying the right creams and getting enough rest.

Things To Consider

If your tummy tuck procedure includes abdominal muscle repair, you will need additional recovery time. This is a more invasive form of tummy tuck surgery, and therefore, it takes more recovery time to heal. Go over the different types of tummy tuck procedures before settling on any specific procedure.

The Bottom Line

Easing your tummy tuck recovery is all about prioritizing rest. Get the outside help you need to help keep things running as usual. Take your time recovering after your procedure to get the best result possible. You deserve it!

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