What To Look For When Buying Travel Trailers

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Travel trailers come in different shapes and sizes. The choices available are between 12 to 35-foot campers, but many people set for 30 footers. They buy these even without knowing how much would a 30 foot camper weigh when things are added inside.

Buying based on interiors alone is not advisable. Sure, the size of the trailer and its interiors matter. But more importantly, people wanting to buy travel trailers should also consider other important factors, such as the type, storage, gross travel weight, etc.

Choosing the right trailer can be difficult when you don’t know what you should be on the lookout for. So we made a simple guide to help you decide which travel trailer to invest in.

The Type and Size

Travel trailers are just one of the many classifications of an RV. Generally, RVs come in two types: ones you can drive and ones you can tow. Travel trailers are towed.

Travel trailers come with a hitch for towing; this is when dimensions matter. You must calculate your vehicle’s towing capacity to determine which trailer it can safely pull. This ensures that your towing vehicle is powerful enough to pull the camper, especially when loaded with everything you need.

When you have already found the right size, check the trailer’s floor plan and see if it has enough room for your essentials. You want to make sure that the trailer can accommodate your needs.

The Storage System

Trailers usually have space-saving features, such as a slideout. Slideouts allow you to adjust a wall section to provide extra space inside. This is a great feature to have a more comfortable and enjoyable camping trip with your family or friends.

The Aesthetics And Systems

Inspect the trailer’s overall look and find any imperfections. Some examples of these flaws include dents, uneven surfaces, water damage, floor damage, scratches, and even molds.

Carefully inspect the trailer’s exteriors too. Ensure that the front and rear bumpers are intact and the tires are in good condition.

After checking the aesthetics, check if the trailer’s fully-functional operating systems. These contribute to the safety and comfortability of your travel trailer.

Here’s a quick run-down of what you should look into:

  • Check the age of the tires (they must not be over five years old).
  • Test the brakes.
  • Test the functionality of the locks.
  • Check the water and sewage systems.
  • Check the bulbs, cords, appliances, and outlets for electrical problems.

The Features

Each trailer has different features. But when deciding your non-negotiables, think about the lifestyle of its users and the real purpose of the trailer.

Trailers have always served two purposes: an affordable housing solution and a recreational vehicle. Nowadays, people are also buying trailers to use as an extra room for work, hobbies, and guests. Surprisingly, trailers are now also being used as hotel rooms in California.

According to Bloomberg, millennials from Austin, Texas, are moving into trailers and mobile homes due to the rising housing costs and the pandemic. So if you intend to live in your trailer and work from there, you might want to consider a smart trailer or set up a wifi connection.

The Drain System And Holding Tanks

The holding tank is the container for your waste. It is a must that you know how it functions, especially how it drains. You can do this by filling its tanks and doing a little test drive. You’ll know that your drain system is in good condition when you don’t find leaks under the trailer.

Its History

Buying a used trailer can save you a lot of money. In addition, it can also be very convenient. Often, the used trailers up for sale come with items you would have to buy later.

When buying a used trailer, you still have to check the systems, parts, etc. But in addition to those, it is imperative to check the history of the used trailer and have it inspected.

When checking the history, find out its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) about its previous issues. The VIN can also determine if your seller is reputable.

Ask For A Test Drive

Taking the trailer for a test drive allows you to feel the whole trailer experience. Therefore, when possible, ask your seller or dealer to join you in taking it for a spin.

Are You Ready To Own a Travel Trailer?

Owning a travel trailer offers a truly exciting and unique experience. You can have a memorable time using it to visit Forbes’ list of the most popular travel trailer destinations with family and peers. It can also let you discover the beauty of living a simple life.

However, before buying trailers, it’s always best to seek the advice of experts and trailer owners. They can offer you valuable information about trailer features, buying processes, maintenance, financing, etc.

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