6 Realistic Ways to Get Quick Cash in an Emergency

6 Realistic Ways to Get Quick Cash in an Emergency #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #quickcash #pawnshop #loan #creditscore #financialcrisis #interestrate
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People say that money can’t buy happiness, but what about everything else in the world? Can happiness buy you bread in the morning? Can happiness help you repay student loans or health treatments? There are way too many things in this life that depend on if you have money or not. Everyone’s lives depend on how many certain pieces of paper they own at the moment or the realistic ways of getting quick cash in emergencies.

This is no way to live, and yet we are taught that this is something pretty normal. No one talks about the fact that people who do not have money for surgery are just left to die. There are many reasons why someone would need quick cash, and there are ways of getting it. It is obvious that you can not just wish for money to fall from the sky. But, with some additional easy steps, you can get the money you need.

1.  Banking apps

Banking apps that just give you money seem too good to be true. There are some obvious scams, but there are also apps that really give you money when you need it most. One app that stands as a good standard is MoneyLion’s instacash which can give you from $25 up to $250 depending on your level. It may not seem like a lot of money but if you are in a pinch, it is still fast money for almost nothing.

2.  Borrow from a friend

Friends are people that always got your back no matter what, even during a financial crisis. It is not cool to ask them all the time for some money while you do not give them any back. But, if you do not do it often and you are close, you can most certainly try to ask them and they will understand. The important thing is to give them back once you are covered and be ready to return the favor.

3.  Selling

It is very easy to sell something online in this day and age. Selling something that you do not need could be a very fast way of earning some money. There are several cons when it comes to this method of getting cash.

First off, you can never know when someone will buy this item. Besides time, you can run into people that will not pay you on time but still grab the item. You should only use trusted websites and not shady ones that only collect your valuable data.

4.  Pawn shops

If you can’t sell something precious but still want the money, you can pawn the item. The item will stay at the pawn shop until you are able to return the money. But if you are not able to return the money, the pawn shop will sell the item to someone else. This is a fast way of getting some cash, but the amount you get will be smaller than the item’s worth. The pawn shop also needs to make some money which is why they buy it from you for less than the item’s true value.

5.  Loans

Everyone knows about this method of getting some money, and it is the most hated one. You can get a big amount of cash this way very fast, but this depends on a lot of factors. If you live in the US, your credit score is what matters the most. Even if you are applicable for a certain loan, that will still cost you in the future depending on interest rates. If you are not able to repay the loan, you are in for one hell of a ride.

6.  Be prepared in advance

The best way to get quick cash in an emergency is to be ready for it in advance. Always have an emergency fund and do not spend that money unless it is an emergency situation. You can either store it in a bank or have a hidden safe in your house. The important thing is to follow the rules and save some money whenever you get it. That way, you are always ready for the worst and if it does not come, a nice surprise will be waiting for you.

These 6 ways were chosen on the premise of being a secure way of getting some cash. By choosing any of these 6 options, you will get secure cash. However, the amount of cash and the time of arrival do vary with each method.

This is why it is important to inspect your situation thoroughly and understand which one is the best for you. Knowing your situation, and knowing all available options is the only way of securing something for yourself. When it comes to money, it is a game that everyone is playing and where you need to get on top.

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