6 Best Coral Throw Pillows for Interior Design

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Throw pillows add a unique glance and perfection to any interior space. One of the most common types of throw pillows on the market today is coral throw pillows, and they usually come with very attractive designs that fit into any interior décor. They fit in the bedroom, living room, couch, sofa, and more. You can use them in almost any part of your home, thanks to their versatile design.

However, there are many coral pillows on the market, and not all of them are created equal. In this article, we will be listing some of the best coral throw pillows that are not only cute but also comfortable, durable, made with high-quality fabric, and can enhance your interior design.

Pink Flowers Throw Pillow by Andrea Haase

The Pink Flowers Throw Pillows by Andrea Haase is one of the best coral pillows on the market for many reasons. This throw pillow features a very beautiful design, and it is designed to add texture and warmth to any room. It is made with high-quality fabric that can withstand the test of time.

It has three different sizes from which to choose, and you can also choose an indoor or outdoor option. It would fit into your interior décor regardless of your color choices. The color and square shape also make it ideal for use in different parts of the home.

Pink Flowers throw pillow by Andrea Haase is also easy to clean, as it can be spot-cleaned, tumble-dried, and machine-washed. They are very comfortable, soft, and highly durable. The outdoor version is designed to withstand outdoor elements, which means you can use it in your patio, backyard, or garden.

Spirit Garden Throw Pillow

The Spirit Garden Throw Pillow is very colorful and beautiful. It has multiple colors, which makes it a great option for different interior decors and spaces. It has a very attractive design, with beautiful flower decorations on it.

With the multi-colored design, this pillow will blend with any color of couch, sofa, bed, and almost anywhere you place it. It also has three size options from which to choose, ranging from 16 by 16 inches to 20 by 20 inches. It has a rectangular shape and would sit perfectly on your bed, couch, or sofa without rolling off.

It has both indoor and outdoor versions, and they are both made with high-quality fabrics. The indoor option is made with 100 percent soft velvet polyester, which is very soft yet machine washable. The outdoor model is made of 100 percent polyester, and it can withstand external conditions, ensuring your pillow lasts for a very long time. For an additional $5, you can add stain-resistant and water-resistant features to the outdoor version.

Butterflydream Throw Pillow

The Butterflydream Throw Pillow features a simple yet beautiful design. It has a simple butterfly decoration that many artwork lovers would love. It has a white finish, which is a bright and vibrant color. The art style of this coral pillow will fit into any interior design, as it would complement the color of your furniture, bed, chair, etc.

The eye-catching design of this pillow will not fade away irrespective of how and where you use it. The pillow is hand-sewn, which contributes to its durability. The thread will not lose even when your kids play with it and throw it around.

The throw pillow is highly versatile, as you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor version is made of 100 percent polyester, and external elements will not affect it. The indoor version is made with velvet polyester, which is soft and durable. The design is printed on both sides, which means you can flip and use any side of the pillow you want.

Coral Agate Abstract Throw Pillow

This throw pillow has an abstract design that does not discriminate any interior or exterior design. In addition to having a very beautiful design, this coral throw pillow is made with fine quality material. It has two variants – indoor and outdoor, and they are made of soft velvet polyester and polyester fabric respectively.

The pillow is machine washable, which means you will not have any issues cleaning it. The fabric also does a great job of resisting stain and dirt, which means you would not need to wash it frequently. You can get this lovely throw pillow in three different sizes – 16×16 inches, 18×18 inches, and 20×20 inches.

Love Is All Around Coral Throw Pillow

Not everything in your house needs to match perfectly. Sometimes, you would need to do some color blocking to see the beauty of your interior décor in a different dimension. If you want to mismatch accents in your interior or exterior space without effort, then you should purchase this pillow.

It has a simple but stylish design. The design is 360 degrees, as no part of the pillow is left out. It has a consistent design pattern, and it can fit right anywhere you want it both in your indoor and outdoor space. This throw pillow is lightweight, and it has both a portable and large size. It also has a special version that you can use outdoors in your patio and backyard.

Sweet Roses Blooms Bouquet Throw Pillow

The Sweet Roses Blooms Bouquet Throw Pillow is another fascinating throw pillow that will make you fall in love with art. The artwork on this throw pillow is beautiful and it can sit on your bed, couch, sofa, and chair without looking odd.

It does not get dirty easily. Even when it gets dirty, you do not have to go through stress to clean it, as it is machine washable. This coral pillow is made with soft, comfortable material. You would love this pillow even more by holding it, as it is very comfortable. In addition to being made with high-quality fabric, this coral throw pillow features top-notch construction, which means you would not have any need to stitch it or re-sew the edges.


Coral throw pillows are known for their beauty and elegance. They enhance the aesthetic of any space with their beautiful colors and designs. Some coral pillows come with a combination of colors, which does a great job of enhancing the look and feel of any space.

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