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Many customers regard a long-standing brand as a trustworthy brand. With over twenty years in the jeans industry, many take Silver Jeans Co. as their first choice when it comes to jean brands. And Silver Jeans Co. has never disappointed.

Silver Jeans first denim “Frisco”, was launched in 1991 and later went on to sell over two million pairs around the world. The brand has established itself as a leading brand in the denim industry and has not looked back since. Their designs accommodate different sizes from all walks of life: skinny, tall, straight, curvy, muscular and many more.

Though they have numerous products, they make sure each is ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable. The core principles that make them committed to their ethical goal include: “Sustainable Craftsmanship, “Giving back”, “Workplace environment”. They stay true to their promise by giving back to the WE charity, The Canadian Museum For Human Rights, use dry ozone systems instead of water for their denim processing.

Also, they make sure their denim fabrics are high quality and long-lasting. Buyers definitely love something that can last them for a while.


Silver Jeans Co. Capris & Cropped Jeans are short seamed jeans that are cropped above the ankle. They are specially made for the warm weather though they can be worn all year round. For curvy women, the Suki Capris is made to accentuate the curve silhouette and make them look good in jeans.

The Capris Jeans include the Elyse Mid Rise Capri, Suki Mid Rise Capri, Avery Skinny Crop, and the Belted High Rise Wide Leg Crop Jeans.

Beverly Hills Magazine CAPRIS & CROPPED JEANS

Avery Skinny Crop

Avery Skinny Crop is a high stretch curvy-fit jean specially designed curvy figures with big backsides. Its highrise waistband sits on the waist to prevent gapping and still look chic and classic. Also, the jean features a cropped skinny leg and chewed hem.

The curvy fit skinny jeans can be styled however you want, and you will look good.

Beverly Hills Magazine Silver Jeans Co Avery Skinny Crop

Beau Mid Rise Slim Leg Jeans

Not the regular jeans, the Beau Mid Rise Slim Leg Jeans comes in the never-out-of-vogue camouflage print. It is made from a mid-stretch fabric that gives enough comfort without sticking to the body.

Beverly Hills Magazine Beau Mid Rise Slim Leg Jeans

Frisco High Rise Straight Leg Jeans

The Frisco High Rise Straight Leg Jeans has their style inspiration from the brand’s first jean release in the 1990s. It was designed in commemoration of Silver Jeans Co. 30th anniversary. Besides, it is straight leg jeans with a distressed medium indigo wash. Moreover, the new brand icon is embroidered on the back to give it a distinct look.

Frisco High Rise Straight Leg Jeans Beverly Hills Magazine Silver Jeans Co

To check for the different designs of jeans available, go to their website.

Beverly Hills Magazine Silver Jeans Co Denim Jeans

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