5 Ways To Treat Your Best Friend During The Christmas Holidays

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The value of a best friend can never be underestimated and—contrary to the old saying—water truly can be just as thick, if not thicker, than blood.

This Christmas is the perfect time to show your best friend just how much you value, appreciate, and care for them; so continue reading to discover the top five most perfect ways to treat your best friend during the Christmas holidays.

1.   Buy Matching Jewelry

If you are feeling particularly sentimental, then a fabulous gift to give your best friend this Christmas is a pair of matching necklaces, bracelets, or earrings that you can both wear with pride.

Even if you no longer live in the same area (or maybe you never have), wearing a piece of jewelry that reminds you both of each other is one of the best ideas for a Christmas gift that will be cherished and beloved forever.

2.   Go For A Meal In A Trending Restaurant

Aside from the usual Christmas gifts, you will no doubt be bestowing on your lifelong best friend, it is hard to find a more perfect way to spend an evening together than to treat them to a delicious and unique meal in a trending restaurant, especially one that specializes in decadent and nutritious vegan catering.

3.   Invest In A “Red Letter” Day

Making memories with your cherished best friend is what your long friendship is built upon, so what better way to create new ones than to treat you both to a “red letter” day activity or experience—the more adventurous the better!

Examples of experience and activity days that would be perfect for you and your best friend to share include driving a high-speed supercar, outdoor go-karting, paragliding, taking a trip in an aerospace simulator, or even—for the bravest amongst you—jumping out of a plane.

4.   Arrange A Night Out (Babysitter Included)

If your best friend is a proud mother, it is more than likely that she struggles to find time out of her hectic schedule to go out on the town and dance like it’s 1999.

In this case, one of the best Christmas gifts you could afford her this year is to arrange a babysitter for her children and book into some local nightclubs to party, dance, and drink (if you so desire) to the early hours.

Make sure you take a boatload of photographs so she can relive the night to her heart’s content.

5.   Make A Sentimental Photo Album

If your best friend is considerably more of a proverbial home bird, then why not dredge out the most embarrassing, entertaining, and downright stunning photographs of you and the rest of your group of friends, and compile a beautiful and extensive photographic journey of your friendship.

The more cringe-worthy the photographs the better, and remember to pay particular attention to fashion disasters, mortifying hairstyles, and poses that belong in the past.

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