5 Stylish LA Brunch Outfit Ideas You Should Try

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While most fashion lovers believe that New York City is the states’ only fashion hub, it seems like Los Angeles is coming right behind. Numerous influential designers and upcoming celebrity brands are surely making their way into the outfit stores of this metropolitan city, making it difficult for fashionistas to choose their favorite pieces and put stylish outfits that represent LA’s luxury lifestyle together.

One occasion they seem to have the most difficulties with is brunch. The truth is brunch is a really big deal in Los Angeles which usually happens during the weekend when friends get together to grab a cup of coffee and a snack.

Although there are no strict rules on what to wear for this special event, most ladies aim for a laid-back and effortless look that is also very fashionable.

To help you along, we have come up with five chic outfits you can try for your next brunch date with your friends.

Jeans and a graphic tee

A cozy and stylish brunch outfit that is perfect for those gloomy LA Sundays is a pair of jeans and a comfy shirt. The shirt can be anything from a solid color tee to a graphic t-shirt with funny and inspirational designs that spread positivity.

For example, tops that can do just that are women’s Christian t shirts whose motivational taglines can uplift your spirits on a melancholic day while flawlessly elevating your style. Complete your look with some fashionable accessories, a pair of white sneakers, and a cardigan if it’s a bit chilly outside.

A loose patterned dress

If you are looking for a more girly brunch outfit, then a loose patterned dress is a great option. You can find it in different lengths and designs that will speak volumes about you as well as express your overall fashion style.

For example, floral dresses are a very popular choice because they are colorful, lively, and can suit any brunch occasion. You can either pair them with comfy slippers or low heel slides if you want to get more in touch with your feminine side. Put on a bold crossbody bag and some pretty jewels and you are ready to go.

Leggings and a stylish coat

You may have thought that sporty clothes are only reserved for the gym, but that’s not true. In fact, LA’s street style fashion has recently proved that you can also wear your favorite pair of leggings and coat to a brunch date. This is another comfy and effortless outfit that is perfect for those who want to be cozy and stylish at the same time.

To put this look together, you will need a pair of black leggings which you will style with an oversized sweatshirt and a trendy coat on top. Complete your look with white sporty socks over your leggings and a cute bag.

Satin midi skirt and a cute blouse

If you have to attend a more formal brunch date with colleagues, then you can up your fashion game by going for a satin midi skirt and a cute blouse. This is such a fashionable look that doesn’t require much effort to put together, but it will instantly draw everyone’s attention as soon as you walk in.

To keep things classy and elegant, opt for a creamy white satin skirt and a pastel color blouse to add some vibrancy to your look. Top off your ensemble with some fun jewelry and a pair of golden mules to break the monotony.

Leather pants and an oversized sweater

Although LA weather rarely gets too cold, the winter season can still be chilly so you have to create a look that will keep you warm while making you look chic at the same time. A brunch outfit that is perfect for this time of the year is black leather pants and an oversized sweater.

The sweater can either be of solid color or include some print that will make the entire look more aesthetically appealing. The outfit can be best completed with a pair of loafers with a tiny heel and a bright-colored bag to liven up the look.

Final thoughts

It is no secret that brunch dates are a big deal in Los Angeles. This simply means that you need an outfit that is stylish, chic, and worthy of becoming a part of your Instagram feed. LA’s luxury lifestyle allows you to combine both style and comfort at the same time.

If you need inspiration on how to dress up for your next brunch with your friends, borrow some of our ideas and look put together for the weekend’s best meal. 

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