How To Keep Your Car Looking Great

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The lifespan of your car depends greatly on how you treat it while you own it. And if you want to enjoy your car and help keep that floor room shine that you surely love, there are a few sound strategies you can consider.

Anytime you buy or lease a new car, there are a variety of factors that draw you into taking that first test drive. Though a pushy salesperson may contribute to this factor, ultimately it comes down to a few key attributes.

Perhaps you noticed a sunroof. Or maybe you loved the profile of the tires and the rims. Maybe it was the sound of the engine or the cushion of those plush seats. No matter what it was, chances are you want to keep your car looking just like new.

If you want to keep your car looking its best for years to come, the following will provide a few tips.

Protecting the Paint

The key to keeping your car looking showroom perfect is to take good care of its paint job. Basically, the better you can protect your paint, the longer your car will look its best.

One of the better methods for protecting your paint job is to add a paint protection film. And this will actually create a thin layer of protection between your car’s paint and a variety of sources that can cause paint deterioration.

Anytime you drive, you’re exposing your car to the elements. Whether this is the sun, snow, rain, ice, or salt on the roadway, driving over the road places your paint job at risk.

In fact, even tar and grease can ruin a paint job considerably, and these are the materials many roads are made from. Having a layer of protection greatly mitigates the erosion of your car’s paint.

Washing the Body

It should go without saying that you need to wash your ride often if you want it to look its best. Just like when you spend all day outdoors, a shower is refreshing and rejuvenates your skin. And this is the same for a car, in a sense.

Dust and road debris can actually deteriorate a car’s paint job over time. So leaving grease, dust, dirt, and other materials on your car without washing will only speed up the process of deterioration.

It doesn’t matter if you own a minivan or a sports car, washing should be done at least once a month, or more as needed. Just remember to use non-abrasive brushes, and ensure that you’re using soap formulated for a car.

Additionally, washing from the top down is always a best practice. This way you’re not spraying or spreading dirt and grease from the bottom to the top. And ensure that you dry your car off thoroughly after washing to avoid the buildup of water spots.

Fine Detailing

If you want to keep your car looking great, it’s the details that matter the most. And you might not think that your headlights, grille, bumper, or even your brake lights matter all that much, but they really do.

Dirt and debris can settle into the nooks and creases of your car, and these are mostly found around doors, and along the front and rear of the car.

Taking the time to remove dirt and debris from the smaller spaces will help your car look its best. In fact, using an air compressor with a fine blowing nozzle can quickly remove dirt, sand, and other debris from the tiniest of spaces.

The more attention to detail you put into your car, the better it will look, and the longer it will last.

We all want our vehicles to have that showroom floor appeal when we’re driving around town. But the only way to keep this look is to properly care for it and clean it often. Remember, the more you protect and care for your car, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy it.

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