5 Of The World’s Most Luxurious Neighbourhoods

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If you are lucky enough to be counted among the world’s most wealthy people then chances are you are living in luxury. Cities all over the world are home to some of the planet’s richest homeowners, with properties reaching high prices because they offer spectacular features and are surrounded by like-minded wealthy entrepreneurs and celebrities. If you have the cash to spare, property in one of these five locations could be a dream come true, as these are the most luxurious neighbourhoods in the world. 

Knightsbridge, London

According to Investopedia, the average house price in Knightsbridge is $3.6 million. The neighbourhood has a rich history as one of London’s poshest and most elite districts. It backs onto the world-renowned Hyde Park. The most expensive properties are the apartments at One Hyde Park. A Qatari prince famously purchased an apartment here in 2007 for over $135 million. The area is home to many expensive shops, including Harrods and the flagship stores of many of London’s best-known fashion designers. 

The Peak, Hong Kong

The Peak is Hong Kong’s richest district. Located in The Peak is Mount Nicholson Road is the second most expensive street to buy property in the world, as reported by Business Insider. The properties here can go for vast sums, and there are thirty-five properties on Mount Nicholson Road alone that can go for over $25 million. The city attracts many billionaires and millionaires with its eighty-two Michelin starred restaurants and luxurious night spots. The city is an ideal location for many business entrepreneurs due to its close links to both the East and West. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This one might be a cheat as it is a city rather than a neighbourhood. But the whole city promises so much opulence that it has become known as The Venice of America. The million-dollar homes in the Ft. Lauderdale area offer their occupants a sun-soaked lifestyle with many backing onto glorious beaches or boating canals. The whole city is filled with upscale bars, boutique shops, and fine dining restaurants, allowing its residents to enjoy a decadent lifestyle. While the properties may be more affordable than others on this list, it does not make the living standards any less luxurious. 

Trocadéro, Paris 

Also known as the 16th Arrondissement, this neighbourhood is not only one of Paris’ most expensive, but it is also its least densely populated. Space is well used by the villas here, with many of them sporting fantastic features such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, multi-car garages, and cinema rooms. The neighbourhood is often described as the quintessential definition of French chic, with a lot of the residents dressed in the latest fashions. 

57th Street, New York

57th Street in Manhattan has the nickname, Billionaires Row for a reason. The properties here are among the most expensive in the world offering a slice of paradise inside the city that never sleeps. New York City has many desirable features that make it appealing to the world’s richest people. However, the properties owned on Billionaires Row are usually only frequented part of the year. The residents often own numerous properties throughout the luxurious neighbourhoods of the world. 

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