Top 4 Beauty Trends Making Waves

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In the last year beauty trend, many people are now choosing to go for an all-natural look, which is also called the no-makeup look. People around the world put very minimal make-up and want to look good in their natural state. There’s just something about a person’s natural glow and radiance that makes them bloom and beautiful.  

To achieve the no-makeup look, people should focus on the shape and definition of many body parts, especially on the face. As part of the all-natural trend, here are the beauty trends people are following nowadays:  

  • Fuller Lips And Defined Jaws

There are different face fillers available today. Two of the most popular are fillers for the lips and the jaw. 

Lip augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that can give you plumper, fuller lips. There are two types of lip augmentation. The first type uses a synthetic implant, while the second type uses your body tissue like fat or dermis graft. Furthermore, the lip augmentation procedure is non-surgical, and it’s performed under local anesthesia. The process lasts around 30 minutes, and the recovery time is fast.  

Having a defined jawline is also a trend in the beauty world nowadays. Having a defined jawline will make any selfie shot look good. Many cosmetic experts use fillers to help shape a person’s jawline. These fillers are usually made from a synthetic calcium complex that’s rigid like a bone. Like lip augmentation, the procedure is non-surgical, but you may experience some swelling and soreness after.  

  • Eyebrows On Fleek

If you want a more natural and defined look in your eyes and lips, cosmetic tattoos are also trending today. It’s a fabulous way to change your look without having to purchase expensive make-up. 

Microblading is an innovative tattoo technique where a fine, micro-tipped tool made from many tiny needles is used to add temporary pigment to the body. A microblading artist applies this specialized tool to the customer’s skin over the eyebrows, inlays the color, and then uses tiny plastic needles to inject the pigment into the skin, much like you would when getting a tattoo. 

Once complete, the artist covers up the tattoo with a make-up of the same color as the skin, giving it a more natural appearance. 

  • Flawless Natural Skin

Having natural and flawless skin is the trending look for the last couple of years. There are a couple of procedures where you can achieve this look, and one of them is skin rejuvenation with the help of laser treatments. 

These laser treatments help eliminate any imperfections found on the skin, like wrinkles or dark spots. One of the advantages of laser treatments is that you can see visible results, and you won’t be injecting anything on your skin to make it look younger.  

It’s a good thing that today’s beauty industry has already embraced all skin types and skin tones, so you’ll rest assured that there are skin procedures that are appropriate for you. If your skin color is on the darker side, skin treatments use energy-based devices to help even out skin tone and correct some pigmentations.  

For those who are having problems with wrinkles, Botox is not the only option they have. There are now many minimally invasive skin-tightening procedures today, and it has been increasing in popularity this year. These devices use ultrasound to stimulate the collagen deep in the skin, causing a tightening effect. This will prevent the skin from sagging and wrinkles from forming.  

  • Luscious Locks

There was a time when colored hair and different styles became the beauty trend. Since the current beauty industry is gearing towards the natural look, luscious and healthy-looking locks are becoming a trend. 

In the last year, hair care didn’t stop with all-natural or organic hair products that’ll make your hair look shiny and soft. Also, there are now many new hair vitamins that you may take orally to help with hair growth and maintain its look.  

To give that healthy volume, the hair needs to be given the proper vitamins and nutrients to grow properly. Vitamin B helps your hair remain strong and healthy while also increasing its natural shine. If you can’t find a good brand in your area, you can buy capsules online. Just make sure they’re 100% natural and chemical-free.  


Many are becoming more confident in going out with very minimal make-up and showing their face and hair’s natural look. It’s evident that the simple and natural overall look is coming back in trend. 

With that, more people are choosing to have fuller lips, defined jawline, perfect eyebrows, and healthy-looking skin and hair. The more natural these parts of your body look, the more beautiful and confident you’ll feel.

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