How To Manage The Office Kitchen

How To Manage The Office Kitchen
How To Manage The Office Kitchen

Check out guides online about business and modern offices in general and you’ll see a lot of guides about technology, finance, and employee development. But there’s an important area of the office that isn’t discussed as much as it should be. And that area is the kitchen!

The office kitchen is more important than you might think. A lot of business owners don’t give it too much thought. They see the kitchen simply as the place where employees eat and grab a coffee. Of course, even if that were that simple, those activities are more important to employee productivity than many assume!

Many elements of the office kitchen help determine the overall satisfaction of your employees. Keep things neat, orderly, and streamlined, and your employees will remain satisfied. Avoid kitchen chaos with this guide!

Rules and etiquette

There should be a set of rules – a policy of sorts – when it comes to kitchen use. Employees should know that their mothers aren’t around to clean up after them! Consider writing out a set of rules and putting them on clear display. Encourage people to wash the dishes and cutlery they use. If people use the microwave, then they should be willing to clean it up afterwards. Microwaves get pretty messy very quickly! You should also encourage your employees to keep the floor clean to avoid accidents. Vacuum cleaners are noisy and can be distracting, but a quieter vacuum cleaner should not cause too much disruption

How To Manage The Office Kitchen

Good tea and coffee

When the drinks are high-quality, then employees will be happier. Admittedly, tea is pretty simple. As long as you don’t get those really cheap, almost tasteless teabags you can get from pretty much anywhere, employees should be happy. When it comes to coffee, however, things get a bit more sensitive. While instant coffee is quick, many people don’t like the taste. They want the rich taste that coffee makers and machines provide. So consider getting coffee beans for the office kitchen. You can get business-oriented coffee supplies from Honest Coffees.

Focus on health and safety

The kitchen can present a lot of danger if you’re not careful. Spillages, sharp objects, hot surfaces, cracked crockery – all of this stuff can pose a threat. Many of the office dangers people speak about take place in the office kitchen. There are several ways in which you can lessen the dangers posed. Having mops and paper towels to hand ensures that spills are absorbed as quickly as possible. Keeping first aid supplies in the room ensures that cuts and burns are treated immediately.

Put someone in charge

One of the reasons that business owners don’t think about a lot of this stuff is because it takes a lot of time. Not only do you have to think about rules and safety – you also have to enforce them. This is why you should ensure that someone is actually in charge of the proceedings. Most businesses have an office manager who would be perfect for the job. They should oversee cleaning and the restocking of supplies. They should also ensure that kitchen etiquette is followed. If something goes wrong, then they shouldn’t be afraid to send out emails reminding everyone of the rules!

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