5 Methods to Be Happy in Los Angeles When Sober

5 Methods to Be Happy in Los Angeles When Sober #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #Losangeles #sobriety #soberperson #mentalhealth #recoverycommunity
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When someone has committed to sobriety, often their whole life changes. Things are different after someone who was doing a lot of drugs becomes sober. It is difficult for a lot of people to fill the days, stave off boredom, and be happy without the immediate escape of drugs and alcohol. Working on personal mental health, well-being, and happiness is a part of recovery from any addiction. Whether you have recently stopped doing drugs or have been sober for years, below are five methods to stay happy in Los Angeles when you are sober.

Spend Time Outside

Los Angeles is known for a few things—weather and beautiful surroundings. The scenery invigorates the soul. When you’re feeling down and out, go take a walk on the beach. If you haven’t started your recovery yet, there are even some places where you can detox with ocean view privileges. Whether you are in recovery or have just accepted that you need help, spending time outdoors can really change the way you are feeling about life and sobriety. Get a natural high by spending time in nature. You can go for a hike on the many trails or sit under a tree with a book!

Make Sure to See Your Friends

One thing some people fail to do when they get sober is to see their friends and loved ones. If you were hanging around with a lot of people who are still drinking and doing drugs, you might want to see them because you will be tempted. If your friends support you and know that you are being sober, they won’t pressure you or make you feel uncomfortable. 

Still, you might simply not be ready yet. That feeling will pass. Maybe there are some friends who you have lost touch with since you started using heavily? You can reconnect with those people. Whatever the situation, it’s vital to spend time with the people you love. Los Angeles is spread out but make the effort to drive across town to see the people you love. It will help in your sobriety.

Connect with Your Inner Spirituality

For a lot of people, spirituality is important to be happy. Whether you are religious or just want to stay in touch with yourself, connecting spiritually is one of the most important parts of sobriety. That’s why the higher power is a part of the 12-step program. It doesn’t matter what your spirituality is like, you should spend time on yourself and your well-being.

For some, it includes praying to God. For others, it includes spending time in nature, practicing meditation, and finding inner peace. Whether you attend religious services or just want to be more content in your skin, practicing spirituality is easy in Los Angeles. You can find a mosque, temple, church, or monastery for just about every religion. The city itself is far from spiritual, but you can find spiritual meaning here like anywhere else.  

Go Out and Enjoy LA

One thing that people overlook in sobriety is that they should still go out. In Los Angeles, there is so much more to enjoy beyond drinking and doing drugs. For example, you could go to an amazing restaurant. Try all the incredible coffee shops in the area. Meet with friends at the lounge and drink a mocktail. Go see a show or a movie. You can spend a day at the beach, in the mountains, or out in the desert. Whatever your style, you should go out and enjoy all this city has to offer. Sober or not, Los Angeles can provide amazing things to do that make you happy.

Connect with the Recovery Community

One of the most important things to do in sobriety is to connect with the local recovery community. In Los Angeles, there is a strong and supportive community. You’ll find a group of people with a similar story and past you relate to. It will fill you with love and hope. The greatest benefit of being sober in Los Angeles is the amazing people who are sober also. Connecting with the recovery community in LA is paramount!

Whether it’s your first day sober or you’ve been off drugs and alcohol for years and need to shake your life up, these five methods will help you stay happy in Los Angeles as a sober person. Life is hard but if you work towards happiness, you will begin to see the results. 

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