5 Dream Destinations For Your Travel Bucket List

Beverly Hills Magazine 5 Dream destinations for your travel bucket list
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While traveling the world might have been put on hold for a while over the past year, we’re all looking forward to planning the next big getaway. You may have even used this time at home to think about the big bucket list destinations you really want to visit. To inspire you, here are some of our top dream destinations to explore.


A land of immense natural beauty, warmth and hospitality, amazing food, and diverse scenery, Morocco has a wealth of things to explore, and you’re unlikely to ever find yourself getting bored.

From the Atlas Mountains’ snow-tipped peaks to the warm ocean waters on the coast, bustling markets brimming with fragrant spices and street performers, and luxurious spas where you can enjoy complete serenity, there is an ample variety of things to enjoy in this captivating North African country.


An archipelago of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific Ocean, Fiji is the stuff of any travel lover’s dreams. You can find many different Fiji resorts to choose from, and the great thing is, there is something for everyone across this beautiful and diverse island country.

Choose to relax on picture-perfect beaches or go exploring in the crystal clear water, enjoy the mouth-watering tropical foods or experience a taste of island luxury beneath the swaying palms. You’re unlikely to ever want to leave and go back to ordinary life.


Iceland is a dramatic land of ice and fire, with steaming geysers shooting hot vapor into the air and glacial lagoons to marvel at, not to mention the enchanting display of the Northern Lights that fill up the dark, winter skies. In the summer months, the country transforms into a lush green space, where you can explore incredible national parks, see roaring waterfalls, and enjoy long hours of daylight.

Whenever you decide to go, you certainly won’t ever stop gasping in wonder.


Thailand is often on top of many bucket lists, and for good reason. This incredible country has it all – a wealth of history and culture in the form of magnificent ancient temples and stunning architecture, exceptional landscapes, and a thrilling sense of adventure in the cities and resorts.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to relax and soak up the sun, learn something new about this historic nation, or enjoy the delicious flavors of fresh Thai food, you’ll find it all.


While travel can certainly be exciting and adventurous, it can often bring its own share of stresses. Not so in Japan – where you’ll find the country’s famous sense of discipline and calmness permeates everything, from the efficient bullet trains to well-mannered lines for tourist attractions.

You’ll also be immersed in one of the most magnificent countries in the world, with jaw-dropping scenery, tantalizing food and drink, and a vibrant cultural scene to give you a new perspective on life. The only problem with visiting Japan is trying to plan when you can next return.

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