4 Reasons Why Your Workout Gear Matters

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America has the largest activewear market globally, valued at approximately $105 billion in 2020. If you are new to fitness or exercise once in a blue moon, you might be wondering whether it is necessary to invest in exercise gear. It may also seem unnecessary to purchase activewear if you are not a professional athlete. However, working out in ordinary clothes is not ideal irrespective of your fitness background or goals, making workout gear a non-negotiable investment. Below are some reasons why you should wear exercise gear when working out instead of wearing ordinary clothes.

  • Boost motivation

OnePoll conducted a recent survey on behalf of Freeletics to discover the biggest hindrances Americans face concerning health and exercise. The survey-led marketing research company discovered that lack of motivation was the second most popular reason Americans didn’t often exercise, with 35% of respondents citing it. Fortunately, very few things motivate people to go to the gym more than the right gear. Dr. Jonathan Fader, a former psychologist to the New York Giants and New York Mets, likens putting on fitness gear to athletes wearing their uniform or performers putting on their costumes. Consequently, investing in these clothes is one of the best ways to get into character and prepare yourself for rigorous workout sessions.

  • Better comfort

Comfort is undoubtedly one of the primary benefits of wearing appropriate workout gear. Indeed, one of the worst things you can do on your fitness journey is to wear uncomfortable gym shoes and clothes anytime you hit the gym. The wrong shorts will rub against and irritate your thighs, and 100% cotton clothes will feel like a wet towel on you after intense workout sessions. Similarly, tight-fitting sneakers can cause foot blisters and reduce the efficacy of your exercise. You can also experience a lot of bouncing and upper back pain post-workout if you wear a regular bra. Therefore, consider investing in sports bras for active women and other workout gear to make exercising more comfortable.

  • Prevents injury

Several sports injuries occur due to the lack of appropriate equipment and clothing. For instance, wearing a pair of sneakers while engaging in strength training can cause you to get hurt due to improper form. This reality is because running shoes have spring and air-infused soles that disrupt your ability to maintain balance as you lift weights. However, wearing fitness-oriented shoes will significantly boost your performance in the gym. Therefore, always select clothing fit for your fitness routine for better grip and stability and enjoy optimum protection against strain, impact, and overheating.

  • Improve your range of motion

Wearing loose or tight-fitting clothes not designed for workouts can significantly limit your range of motion. Indeed, attempting to go for a run or hit the treadmill in a pair of skinny jeans will significantly limit your range of motion. You will likely hold back or try shortening the time you spend on the various routines because your body won’t move freely. In addition, you may be concerned about wear and tear when wearing the wrong outfit, restricting your range of motion. Consequently, invest in activewear that fits like a glove to move freely and improve your performance.

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