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Heiress Beverly Hills is a luxury clothing line based in Beverly Hills, California. It focuses on quality, with each design taking months to perfect. Furthermore, the team of designers prioritize using the most superb fabrics. Not only that, they have a fitting session for the customer and models to ensure the ensemble accentuates in all the right places, to fit like they’re custom. Just for you! Below is an interview we did with Heiress Beverly Hills.


Beverly Hills Magazine: Tell us a little bit about yourself… Where you grew up, family, currently living, hobbies, etc.?

Heiress Beverly Hills: I grew up in New York and am the oldest of two siblings. I’m currently living in Miami. When I’m not working, I love going to the beach and being in nature!

Beverly Hills Magazine: How did you get into the fashion industry?

Heiress Beverly Hills: I got into the fashion industry during my senior year of college at the University of Miami. I became increasingly frustrated with ordering online. I wasn’t happy with the quality of the fabrics being used and I was constantly needing to get my clothes altered to fit me, everything was always too big and wasn’t flattering. I knew I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this and I wanted to create a brand that solved this problem and prioritized quality & fit, so that’s what I did! When I started, I was applying to law school at the time and didn’t plan for the company to turn into what it is today, but I’m extremely grateful that it has!

Beverly Hills Magazine: Who or what are your creative inspirations?

Heiress Beverly Hills: At the beginning of Heiress, I was designing the pieces myself. Eventually, I hired several designers who designed each piece. Before the rebrand, I hired an incredible London based design team who created each collection. Their inspiration comes from old fashion houses, runway shows, etc. We try to create our own trends rather than following them but we definitely use inspiration from the runways especially when it comes to fabric choices and colors.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you think of the Fashion World?

Heiress Beverly Hills: I love being able to do what I love! Fashion is a great form of expression.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you love about it?

Heiress Beverly Hills: I love being able to empower women to feel confident and being able to provide a product I truly believe in.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What do you dislike about it?

Heiress Beverly Hills: Sometimes I dislike how fast the industry is. At Heiress we adopt a slow fashion approach, our pieces take around six months from conception to production, so it’s extremely frustrating seeing a company like SHEIN knock pieces off within a week or two of our drops. I’ve learned to accept that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but at times it can definitely be frustrating!

Beverly Hills Magazine: What inspired your brand name HEIRESS?

Heiress Beverly Hills: The inspiration for the name came from how we want our customers to feel when they’re buying our pieces. We want our shopping experience to be luxurious, with timeless pieces that are meant to last forever.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What makes your brand unique?

Heiress Beverly Hills: I think the uniqueness of Heiress lies within the quality & fit of our pieces. As a slow fashion company, we pride ourselves on multiple fitting sessions on models of all different shapes and sizes, to ensure the perfect fit. We take extra steps in the development process to achieve our quality & fit and I think it definitely sets us apart from other brands.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What is your definition of style?

Heiress Beverly Hills: I think style can be used as a fun form of self expression and it’s important to never take it too seriously, to always play around and experiment with new trends and classic pieces.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What are some current fashion trends?

Heiress Beverly Hills: Sequins have been everywhere as well as the color lilac! We were definitely inspired by these trends when our designers developed the Drop 1 collection for our rebrand.

Beverly Hills Magazine: Any exciting news coming up, partnerships, store openings, events?

Heiress Beverly Hills:  Our rebrand just launched and is finally coming back in stock later next week. Our rebrand represents a new era for Heiress. We hired new designers, garment technologists, technical illustrators, branding teams, moved to a new warehouse, etc. The company has gone through a tremendous transition and period of growth the past few months in preparation for this rebrand. We’ve been so thankful that everyone has loved our pieces as much as we do. Without all of our customers, we would never have been able to rebrand like this and work alongside such talented people.

Beverly Hills Magazine: What can our readers look forward to from your future collections?

Heiress Beverly Hills: We will be dropping future collections more regularly and will be incorporating more color. Up until our Drop 1 collection for the rebrand, we had rarely experimented with color before. Our pieces were primarily neutrals, black, and white. In the rebrand, we will be focusing on incorporating colors and fun pieces into our collections.

It’s truly inspiring to hear how a luxury fashion brand started and what its inspirations are. Now that we’ve gotten to know the brand, it’s time to take a look at the dresses.


The first dress we feature from Heiress Beverly Hills is this Black Diamante Strap Cutout Mini Dress. This dress is made from form fitting stretch crepe and mesh cutouts on the sides. Moreover, there are premium crystal straps elegantly sitting across the low neckline for a spectacular effect. Furthermore it gives the one that wears it a glamorous hourglass look. I can imagine pairing this dress with silver jeweled stilettos and be worn in a fancy formal cocktail event. It can also be worn under a leather jacket with high heeled boots for a night at a disco with friends.


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The second dress we present to you is the White Diamante Strap Cutout Midi Dress. Unlike the first dress, this is longer and of the opposite color. Similarly, it is made from hugging stretch crepe and mesh cutouts on the sides. Moreover, it also has quality crystal straps that hang elegantly across the cleavage. Lastly, it has a slit and gives one an hourglass shape. I can imagine pairing this dress with nude pointed pumps or strappy crystal stilettos. This dress would be ideal at any formal event, whether it be a wedding or even prom.


#fashion #style #shop #dresses #Heiressbeverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills Heiress Beverly Hills Lilac Corset Satin Slip Midi Dress Fashion

The third dress is this gorgeous Lilac Corset Satin Slip Midi Dress.  This very iconic dress is made from luxurious satin. It features a loose hold neckline and signature corsetry cinching in your waist. Moreover, the dress is fully lined for a non slip hold and has adjustable straps for the perfect fit. It zips to the back for easy on. Pair this with colorful bold platforms to give you a classy disco diva look. This dress can also be worn with light colored stilettos and be worn to a formal event like a grand opening or a date at a five star hotel.


#fashion #style #shop #dresses #HeiressBeverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag

The fourth and final stunning dress is this Blue Chain Cutout Maxi Dress. This dress is made of the softest lightest lycra jersey. It features a high neck and a lightly gathered cloth by the bust to accentuate. Furthermore there’s a low cutout on the waist to show off  an hour glass form. Lastly but not least,  silver coated chunky chains link together to fit your size so the dress can be worn with or without the belt. The chain on this elegant dress gives it a contrast and feel of edgy. It is best paired with light colored heels and worn at any formal gathering. If you want to make heads turn, this dress definitely helps.

There you have it! Four classy and head turning dresses from a brand that ensures quality above all else. It is refreshing to know that these well made dresses which are mostly customized are still affordable. What are you waiting for? Shop now at Heiress Beverly Hills.
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