4 Mental Health Tips for Business Leaders

4 Mental Health Tips for Leaders #business #success #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
4 Mental Health Tips for Leaders #business #success #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

From the outside looking in, business owners, CEOs, and business leaders are living the dream. They’ve managed to beat the odds and create a company that seems to have brought them everything a person could want. They call all the shots, have salaries most would kill for, and, in some cases, they have all the fame and notoriety that comes with being a boss. Yet, there’s more to being a leader than meets the eye. (Image Credit: mhouge/Pixabay)

There’s a lot that comes with the role of being a leader. You must work hard to maintain the company’s image, build the brand, gain the trust and approval of your target audience, beat out the competition, remain in compliance with industry regulations, and develop and manage a team that will meet company goals. All of this, while making sure to provide a safe and healthy workplace that ensures the happiness and wellbeing of your staff.

That can be a lot of work for one person to handle. In fact, many prolific business execs, CEOs, and entrepreneurs end up suffering from some form of mental illness, executive burnout, and even substance abuse. If you or someone you know is currently dealing with these issues, they should look for help. Talking with a doctor, a therapist, or seeking Los Angeles outpatient treatment options for drug or alcohol abuse is advised.

Maintaining Your Mental Health

Being mentally healthy is an essential component of being an effective leader. Though you can’t get rid of all the stress involved with being in a leadership role, there are ways you can strengthen your emotional well being to make getting through the ups and downs a lot easier:


This may seem pretty simple in nature, but the fact is that many people in leadership roles forget to eat. They’re so busy trying to manage the day to day in the workplace that they’ll drink some coffee and nibble on a bagel for breakfast, grab something from the vending machine at lunch, and burn the midnight oil skipping dinner. This irregular eating pattern can reduce your body’s ability to function.

Though your day is packed with things to do eating needs to remain a priority. Look for simple solutions for breakfast like smoothies, protein bars, oatmeal, or whole-grain cereal. Pack an easy lunch like a salad, sandwich, some soup, and bring plenty of healthy snacks. As for dinner, consider meal prepping or using kitchen gadgets like crockpots to make cooking more convenient.


A big stressor for some business leaders is workload. Wanting the business to succeed at all costs, they’ll burn the candle at both ends trying to make sure that everything gets done right. The only problem with this is, too much work will eventually weigh on you physically and psychologically. After all, that’s what your team is for. They were hired based on their educational backgrounds, skills, and talents as it relates to the needs of the company. So, allow them to help lighten your load. Delegate tasks according to their skills. Provide clear instructions on what is needed and any tools or resources necessary for them to complete their jobs efficiently. Then, allow them to perform with micromanaging as this would only lower morale and add to your stress.

Take Breaks

Here’s some mental health advice that may be hard for some people in leadership to follow – taking breaks. Though it may feel as if the business will implode without you being there, the truth is, it won’t. Not only should you set and keep a reasonable work schedule with a lunch break, but you should also make time to set business aside and simply relax and recharge.

Plan vacations in advance, get all serious projects out of the way, put someone in charge while you’re gone that you trust, and only check-in when you need to while you’re on vacation. Whether you go to some far-off beach destination or just spend a week at home with your family, this break will do wonders for your mood and productivity when you return to the office.

There’s a lot of advice out there for business leaders on how to create a healthy workplace for their staffs’ physical and emotional well-being, but it’s easier to do this when you prioritize your own health. As being the boss comes with a lot of stress on a day to day basis, it is imperative that you’re making sure in the best shape both physically and mentally to continue to take your business to new heights.

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