4 Lunch Bags You’ll Be Proud to Carry Into the Office

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Opportunities for women in the workplace are nearly endless whether you work in engineering or in retail marketing. Your skills, positive outlook, and professional image can take you any place. However, you’re on your way to the corner office, and you’re smart enough to recognize the important role that good nutrition plays in getting you there. That’s why you need lunch bags that you’ll be proud of to carry your nutritious homemade meals for lunchtime.

Maintaining your diet often means fewer lunchtime meals out with office pals and more carefully packed lunches from home. Before you go out and get one of those nondescript insulated lunch bags with the velcro closures, consider your professional image. Unless you aspire to be a master lumberjack, those types of lunch containers aren’t for you.

Here are four lunch bags by Modern Picnic that look as smart, chic, and elegant as you do.


The classic tote is the professional woman’s answer to the business man’s briefcase. The briefcase was designed with a large open area and a few strategically placed pockets to get one from board meetings to lunch on the terrace. While sporting a more sleek and feminine shape, a tote handbag serves the same purpose. However, you’ll see that Modern Picnic puts an ingenious spin on this classic fashion accessory.

Instead of wrapping your lunch in a brown paper bag, tossing it into your designer handbag, and hoping for the best, you can stow your lunch in a stylish tote that’s actually made to transport your meal. The Modern Picnic tote is extremely roomy and comes with an insulated pouch that snaps in and out of the larger bag for secure transport. While the tote and pouch look as if they are made of premium leather, the high-quality pieces are made of a durable synthetic material that allows for easy-care, soap-and-water washing. The tote zips close with real hardware and not velcro. Its 10-inch handle drop lets you sling the lunch bag over your shoulder with confidence that you’ve got lunch and everything else covered.


Sometimes a chic handbag is the only accessory that you need to level up a marginal workwear outfit. However, everyone knows that a professional woman is more than the content of her closet. To reach your personal and career goals, you must take care of your body with nutrient-packed meals. The Modern Picnic Luncher helps you to achieve those goals while maintaining an elegant appearance.

At first glance, the Luncher looks like your average-sized designer handbag. Upon closer examination, you’ll find that this bag is anything but average. It’s made of the same material as the Modern Picnic tote and is designed to transport cold or hot lunches without clashing with your outfit. It comes in a handful of neutral colors for easy wardrobe styling; you’ll want one in every color.

Mini Luncher

Professional women come in all shapes and sizes, and Modern Picnic honors your individuality with lunch bags that complement your physique. Any style consultant will tell you that one of the most common mistakes that women make when handbag shopping is choosing a purse that’s too big. A large handbag tends to overwhelm a petite woman’s frame. One that’s a little smaller can enhance her outfit without stealing the show.

The Mini Luncher is a smaller version of the standard Modern Picnic Luncher. It comes with the same detachable straps and sturdy construction as the original Luncher, and it’s ideal for petite ladies.

Large Luncher

Have a taller, more commanding figure? You’ll enjoy the way that the Large Luncher makes you look and feel. The Large Luncher scales up the standard Luncher’s proportions to accommodate taller women. These lunch bags come in many of the same colors as the standard Luncher and Mini Luncher, and it has room for all of your lunch-time essentials. The Large Luncher is perfect for professional ladies who prefer a roomier, insulated lunch bag that doesn’t look like a lunch bag.


Just the thought of carrying one of those conventional lunch bags to work day in and day out is enough to make many women take out their credit cards and splurge on take-out. Previous lunch tote manufacturers tried to do better by offering these same unrefined designs in floral prints for the ladies. They did their best, but you now have better alternatives with Modern Picnic.

Besides having designer handbag appeal, these lunch bags are made of premium vegan leather that can be monogrammed for completely personalized looks. Get the appearance of a high-end handbag and the practical functionality of a washable lunch bag with Modern Picnic.

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