Atomos Manually Destemmed Wine

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Is there anything that makes wine taste as good as exclusivity? This, paired with a fine selection of grapes, excellent growing conditions, and professional bottling strategies help to make the limited edition Atomos wine so sought after. Why do so many people want to taste this exclusive wine? Let’s find out.

Grapes, Climate, and Ageing

All of the grapes used in Atomos wines are grown in the Abruzzo region of Italy. More specifically, the grapes are grown at the foot of the Gran Sasso mountain. Even though they are grown at the foot of the mountain, the vines are still 650m (0.4mi) above sea level. This makes for fertile soil and excellent growing conditions.

Another thing that sets Atomos apart from other vineyards is that all of the grapes are picked and destemmed manually. This, along with the combination of having 100% pure variety grapevines (some of which are as many as 65 years old) leads to rich flavors. 


The flavor is also accentuated by the aging process. The grapes are aged in a tank filled with wood chips. This adds an oaky flavor to each bottle. The tanks are kept in a cave, ensuring a consistent temperature. After bottling, but before selling, the wine is kept at a consistent temperature of 14-17°C (57-62°F). This helps to enrich the wine’s tannins. In turn, this helps it to be a stand-alone wine– no pairing necessary.

Luxury Packaging

The wine itself isn’t the only glamorous thing about Atomos– the packing is also exquisite. Each bottle is sold in hand-sewn bags made out of Alcantara leather. Each bag also has an 18 karat Atomos wine logo– which can come in white, green, or pink.


Purchase and Contact Information

With only nine bottles of each wine batch being made, there’s hardly a more exclusive wine available for purchase. Each purchase also comes with a certificate of authenticity. To learn more or buy your bottle of Atomos wine, visit their website here

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