4 International Online Marketplaces to Watch

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E-Commerce marketplaces are all the rage, and they’re multiplying by the second! It’s no longer just eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace on the web. New online marketplaces are showing up all the time and serving communities all over the world. So it’s time to expand your knowledge base regarding this buying, selling, and marketing networks.

Here are four unique, up-and-coming online marketplaces from all over the world to keep an eye on in 2021.

1. Upwork

Upwork is an online marketplace that provides freelancers worldwide with a platform to market their services to clients. Anyone who does freelance work, such as a web designer, copywriter, or translator, can apply to offer their services on Upwork.

Upwork is very selective about who they choose to do business with. Only freelancers deemed most valuable will be approved to use the service. This helps the consumers feel assured that they will receive high-quality freelance work in exchange for their money.

All in all, this is a very useful commerce hub for freelancers and those who require their services, and it is accessible to users from around the globe.

2. Pinduoduo Inc.

Pinduoduo Inc. is unique in that it is an online marketplace with a focus on agriculture. This platform allows farmers and agricultural producers from all over China to sell their produce conveniently via the Internet.

Pin Duo Duo has acted as a go-between for more than 12 million farmers and helped them to collect revenue for their hard work.

This new business model is changing the face of the agriculture industry in China. Through the use of an online marketplace, Chinese agricultural workers can access a wider geographical market. This allows them to make greater profits than they would if they were only selling locally.

3. Swappa

Swappa is a handy online marketplace that’s focused on the resale of small electronics. It’s a great way for someone to make money by getting rid of their old phone or to find a used phone at a reasonable price!

Swappa is relatively strict about the quality of used devices, so buyers can always feel confident they won’t be spending their money on a junky or nonfunctional piece of equipment. They also don’t take any commissions from sales, so as a seller, you know you’ll walk away with 100% of your asking price.

4. Tagvenue

This online marketplace started in the United Kingdom and is expanding its availability to Australia and Singapore in the future. It’s sort of like Airbnb but for short-term events. Venues can list themselves available for short-term rental on Tagvenue’s platform, and clients can book a space to hold their events on the site.

It takes a lot of the stress out of event planning for the consumer, and it gives venue owners an easy way to reach potential customers. That’s a win-win!


Online marketplaces are a win-win for sellers and consumers. They provide a platform for vendors to market and sell their products to clients, and they make the browsing and shopping experience infinitely easier and more convenient for the customer.

However, these four online marketplaces stand out from the rest in 2021. They’re setting the bar higher and changing the landscape of shopping online this year.

These are just four options, but there are plenty more to be found on the web. As we said, new marketplaces are blossoming every year. Do a quick Internet search and see if there’s an online marketplace for your business niche!

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