4 Beauty Tips To Embrace At College

4 Beauty Tips To Embrace At College #college #beauty #beautyblogs #makeup #skincare #skin #beautiful #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine
4 Beauty Tips To Embrace At College #college #beauty #beautyblogs #makeup #skincare #skin #beautiful #beverlyhills #bevhillsmag #beverlyhillsmagazine

Going off to college can be a daunting time for anyone; it is a massive change and upheaval to life, but it is also exciting and a time for self-expression, becoming independent, and exploring who you are. This includes beauty tips and popular beauty products you can share with classmates or roommates. (Image Credit: Kevin Lamino/Unsplash))

College can also be expensive, but now more than ever, there are many financial aid options, so students from all backgrounds can get a chance at higher education. Graduates from colleges and universities regularly report higher earnings than their non-college attending peers, so it is worth checking out your options and making the decision to go!

Surviving on a Student Beauty Budget

Once you are ready to go to college, how do you keep looking fabulous on a tight budget? These beauty tips should give you a great insight into beauty on a budget, as well as keep those dollars down.

Embrace Learning to Share

Getting into college is something that some high-school students are worried about, but with financial aid and a wider pool of schools to choose from, this dream is becoming more and more of a reality. Whereas the top school may have a tiny acceptance rate, there are some universities and colleges have an acceptance rate of 100%, As stated on CampusReel, the ASU acceptance rate, , for example, is around 83%, meaning that it’s likely you will be meeting people from all sorts of background and making friends with many new people.

One of the best things about being in college is that you’re suddenly placed in an environment with so many other girls in the same position as you. Find those roommates you get on well with and see if you can pool your resources. As long as you keep things clean by using new applicators every time, you could both save money and look fabulous!

Embrace cheaper stores

If you have always been used to having expensive luxury beauty brands in your makeup and skincare routine, now would be the time to experiment with some of the lesser-known and cheaper options. Places like Target and other cheap drug stores have high-quality products that will do all of the same jobs as your MAC and Dior products that you are used to. You may even find a new favorite within the bargain basement haul!

Embrace Minimalism

Also known as “less is more”. Younger skin does not need a huge amount of makeup and products, anyway, keeping that budget tight could be useful for your face and body as well as your self-image. Embrace the makeup-free selfie and go for minimal makeup on other days. Your budget and your schedule will thank you for it.

Bonus beauty tips: If you usually go makeup-free or have a minimalist style, making every effort to impress  will make you stand out! Less is more though.

Embrace DIY Skincare

Did you know that you can buy many of the ingredients in your favorite skincare products and put them together to give yourself an at-home spa day? This is a fantastic way to bond with others in your dorm as well as embrace a little self-care on quieter days. So why not give it a go?

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