10 Ways Mental Health & Cleaning Are Connected

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You may have tried everything from a peaceful spa to a bit of break to yoga to improve your mental health.

But did you know that organizing and cleaning your home will instantly improve your mood?

Coming home to a clean and well-organized house is a great way to unwind after a long day. In addition, cleaning your home and participating in cleaning is beneficial to your health.

According to several research findings, cleaning or the lack thereof has a direct impact on one’s mental health.

10 Ways Cleaning And Mental Health Are Connected

According to studies, people who live in tidy homes are healthier than those in messy houses. Moreover, they were not only healthier, but they were also more active. But how is cleaning connected to mental health?

Let’s find out:

1: Mess Causes Depression

People who described their living environments as chaotic or full of unfinished tasks were more likely to be wary and unhappy than people who described their homes as relaxing and restorative.

Researchers also discovered that people with cluttered or dirty homes had higher cortisol levels.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that often induces anxiety and depression. You can find great documentaries on cleaning and mental health on The Pirate Bay and see what we are talking about.

2: Mess Causes Confusion

Recently, a group of researchers from Princeton University revealed that clutter makes it difficult to focus on a specific job.

They discovered that things unrelated to a particular work might overwhelm a person’s visual cortex, making it difficult to focus and execute assignments efficiently.

This lack of focus and confusion often results in mental health issues that do not show symptoms until too late.

3: Cleaning Improves Mood

In recent research, keeping clean sheets and making your bed have been linked to a good night’s sleep.

Now, getting more sleep has a slew of mental health benefits, including boosting mood.

Furthermore, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, cleaning is a physical activity that helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms by combining physical exercise with a cleaner environment.

4: Cleaning Helps You Focus

When your home is congested, unclean, or extremely dirty, the chaos it causes can interfere with your ability to concentrate.

The clutter also hampers your brain’s ability to digest information.

In reality, experts have established that people who operate in a tidy environment are more productive, less distracted, less irritable, and better capable of assimilating information.

5: Cleaning Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

There are numerous benefits to having a well-organized, clutter-free environment, and many of them stem from one primary factor: how we feel about ourselves.

Having an organized place provides one a sensation of being in charge, having a life framework, and knowing a lot.

This makes us more planned and organized, with fewer ideas and much more.

6: Cleaning Releases Endorphins

Later, we’ll get into the physical benefits of an intense cleaning blitz, but any exercise releases endorphins.

These endorphins then interact with brain receptors, modifying your sense of pain and eliciting a pleasurable sensation in your body.

There’s also the sense of accomplishment that comes with turning a cluttered home into a habitable space.

7: Cleaning Lets You Gain Control Of Your Environment

Cleaning can help people control their lives when they feel like their lives are spinning out of control or dealing with specific difficulties.

Cleaning provides a sense of mastery and control over one’s surroundings.

In fact, research from the University of Connecticut discovered that when people are under a lot of stress, they turn to routine habits like cleaning because it offers them a sense of control in a chaotic situation.

8: Cleaning Lets You Sleep Better

According to a study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, people who make their beds every morning are 19%more likely to receive a decent night’s sleep.

As they are more comfortable, 75% of people say they sleep better when their sheets are freshly laundered, and their pillows are plumped.

It’s also true that if your mental wellbeing has improved due to a general improvement in your living environment, the quality of your sleep will undoubtedly improve.

9: Cleaning Helps You Have A Better Relationship

If you share a living space with others, there’s always the possibility that you’re not on the same page when it comes to cleanliness and tidiness.

Dirty dishes in the sink and hair in the bathtub can produce resentment and negative feelings, all of which are likely to influence your mental health.

Try to agree on who will be responsible for the housework. Cooperation and compromise and living in a clean home free of conflicts can be advantageous to one’s mental health.

10: Cleaning Can Benefit Physical Health

A clean home also influences your physical health, and when you are physically well, your mental health also improves.

People who live in clean households are healthier than those in dirty or cluttered homes.

In fact, cleanliness was a better predictor of good health than neighborhood walkability.

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Aside from the obvious advantages of having a cleaner home, the link between cleanliness and mental health can help you relax. Cleaning can be approached as a peaceful chore or a full-on assault with elbow grease and mops.

Whatever approach you choose, make sure it works for you. Then, reach us in the comment box if you need more information on cleaning your home to achieve a better mental wellbeing quotient.

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