10 Things To Know Before Moving To California

Top 10 Instagram Spots in Los Angeles #hollywood #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine
Top 10 Instagram Spots in Los Angeles #hollywood #bevhillsmag #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine

There is a decent number of desirable places in the US but for one reason or the other, California could be the only place on your mind. (Image Credit: David Mark/ Pixabay)

Undoubtedly, pros and cons abound in any American State you’re planning to live in and if it’s California you’ve got an undying knack for moving to, here is what you should know before  moving to the Golden State.

California is US’ Largest Wine Producer

If wine-drinking is your greatest source of pleasure, living in California could be the best thing for you. Whether you’re planning to relocate to California or simply pay a fleeting visit to the Golden State, you’ll surely be amazed at its vast production of wine.

Very High Cost Of Homes And Apartments

Owning a California home is like a dream as it has to be one of the most popular places to live in the world. As you are planning to move to California, you need to have multiple financing options for your new home or apartment. You can use your saving, traditional mortgages and other financing options like hard money loans. Hard money lenders California offers you easy access to funds for your new home and other major needs at your difficult time. If you want to move to Los Angeles, you can take one of the Los Angeles hard money loans showing your credit records and other credentials.

California Houses Picturesque Attractions

If indulging in pleasurable outdoor pastimes is one of the reasons you’re moving to California, chances are that you wouldn’t regret having made your decision. Ranging from eye-catching beaches to picturesque national and state parks, Californian attractions are so exciting that any nature-lover could die to espy them.

California Boasts the US’ Biggest Public University System

It’s very likely that you’ve made the right decision if education is the major reason why you’re relocating to California. Interestingly, the Golden State boasts the US’ biggest public university system, making it a conducive destination to education. While there are top-class schools in California, the Golden State further maintains a relatively affordable system of in-state tuition prices.

10 Things To Know Before Moving To #California #lifestyleThe Need for an Automobile

California is a large place to be and considering that majority of its towns and cities are sparsely populated with insufficient commercial transport facilities, you may have to own a car of yours. This is true to life except in San Francisco where you may still have to spend big on public transportation.

California Boasts Huge Agricultural Potential

While thinking of the ever-impressive natural endowments of California, agriculture easily comes to mind. In fact, agricultural efforts in California contribute immensely to the overall agricultural production in the United States. Moreover, several other countries rely generously on the Golden State for their agricultural produce and this means anyone moving to California would benefit greatly from the consumption of healthy diets.

Discrimination between Northern California and Southern California

Northern California and Southern California are different on various grounds including culture and climate. Before making any move to California, one important thing is to consider the rivalry between the two major divisions of the State as well as their characteristic climate conditions. For instance, weather conditions in San Diego extremely differ from those in San Francisco.

10 Things To Know Before Moving To #California #lifestyle

High Probability of Learning and Speaking Spanish

Since the US owes its history to the everlasting influence of Spanish settlers, Spanish has remained a widely spoken language in the country. Quite interestingly, California is one of the American states that can help you broaden your friendly flair by mingling with a circle of Spanish speakers and learning some Spanish.

Incidence of High Income Taxes

This is perhaps one of the downsides to living in California since you’ll have to pay more to the Californian government the more you earn income in the State. Notwithstanding, the other advantages that abound in California plus the incidence of affordable property taxes will likely make up for the relatively high taxes high-income earners will have to incur.

Risk of Natural Disasters

It is worthy of note that California is characterized by natural disasters including earthquakes, mudslides and wildfires. The incidence of these disasters might not mean you’ll become afflicted but it might increase what you would pay an insurance company for insuring your Californian residence.

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