Why You’ll Love Korean Beauty Products

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why you'll love korean beauty products: #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #korea #koreanbeautyproducts #koreanbeauty #beautyproducts #skincare #healthandbeauty #beauty

If you’ve ever visited South Korea, you probably already know that the country is obsessed with beauty. The beauty scene in Myeong-dong is truly epic, with streets and streets full of cosmetic shops actively competing for customers. The sheer magnitude is incredible. (Image Credits: Jamie Street/Unsplash)

It’s not uncommon for Korean women to spend twice as much on makeup and skincare than American women. In fact, the Korean beauty products industry is said to be worth more than $6 billion, and that number is on the rise. It’s safe to say the industry is thriving.

The boom in the Korean beauty industry started with the BB cream, which has now become a beauty staple of women all over the world. This innovative, multifunctional product takes the place of foundation, primer, and sunscreen all in one. What woman wouldn’t love that?

The singular goal of Korean beauty is to achieve skin that’s so flawless, it looks like glowing porcelain. Its strength lies in a holistic philosophy that focuses on nurturing the skin, rather than using makeup to hide imperfections.

So, if you’re one of the few who haven’t yet joined in on the K-beauty obsession yet, here are six reasons we know you’ll love Korean beauty products!

Cutting-edge Innovation and Technology

BB and CC creams aren’t the only K-Beauty skincare products that have become beauty essentials for women across the globe. Cushion foundation compacts, which offer lightweight-breathable coverage that’s actually good for your skin have taken the world by storm.

And, let’s not forget about K-Beauty’s emollient sleep masks that nurture your skin while you sleep. And then there are Korean sheet masks, which offer incredible skincare benefits and active ingredients, sometimes for as little as $1 a pop.

Korean skincare technology is far ahead of the rest of the world, and it shows in their incredibly effective formulas with unique textures and packaging you won’t find anywhere else.

A Focus on Natural Ingredients

Pick up any Korean skincare product and read the ingredients… you’ll likely find things like avocado, lemon, egg white, and artichokes. It might sound a bit like the ingredients for a healthy brunch! 

That’s because Korean beauty philosophy focuses on harnessing the power of natural ingredients, rather than loading the skin up with toxic chemicals that can cause irritation and breakouts.

Just like when you’re choosing food at the grocery store, it’s nice if you can actually recognize and pronounce the ingredients you’re slathering all over your face.

They’re Not Afraid to Try New Things

That being said, Korean beauty brands aren’t afraid to try something new and different. They’re always taking their formulas to the next level, and sometimes their ingredients can even sound more than a little bit crazy!

Unusual ingredients like snail slime and bee venom have become popular in Korean skincare because they deliver results… faster and better than ever. But they still prioritize gentle formulas that nurture than skin and don’t cause irritation and redness.

Quality and Affordability

Korean women are known to be extremely demanding beauty consumers. It’s said that if a product is successful in their market, it will be successful anywhere in the world. 

The reasoning behind this is that Korean women have impossibly high standards, so Korean beauty brands have to work hard on research and development to create innovative products that meet their demands.

As you can imagine, the Korean beauty market is highly competitive. That means every product must be of the highest quality, but prices must also be kept affordable for the product to be successful.

K-Beauty is All About Luxury

By now, we’ve all heard about the 10-step Korean skincare routine. If you’re at all into self-care, you’ll appreciate this luxurious pampering routine that takes me-time to a whole new level. With K-beauty, your daily skincare routine becomes fun and enjoyable… instead of a daily chore.

…And It’s Fun, Too!

And when you throw in the sheet masks with adorable packing featuring cute little animal faces… or the mousse cleansers with creamy, whipped textures… You can’t deny that Korean skincare is just as much about fun as it is caring for your skin!

There are endless reasons to love K-beauty, so get out there and give it a try! We’re sure you’ll be glad you did!

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