Why You Should Add Weight Lifting To Your Routine

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Getting in shape takes focus and consistency. Working out a few times per week is a great start, but having a well-rounded workout routine will take your fitness to the next level. The key is to have an exercise plan that encompasses multiple areas of your body.

There is a common misconception when it comes to weight training. People often believe that these exercises are only for body builders or individuals looking to bulk up. In reality, weight training is beneficial for a wide variety of medical and fitness-related reasons. Everyone should incorporate some variation of lifting with weight lifting equipment into their fitness routine.

Slimming Down

Weight training is an excellent way to improve muscle tone. You can use weight lifting equipment or free weights to shed some weight. Cardio is a great way to get your blood pumping and your metabolism up, but lifting weights will round out the experience. When you first start a diet, it can be difficult to see noticeable weight loss. Adding weight lifting equipment with plenty of exercises to your diet plan speeds up the process.

You will achieve noticeable results quicker when you use combined methods of exercise. Adding a few reps with some weight lifting equipment to your regular exercise routine will help to change your looks even faster. Targeted weight training is a great way to really tackle those problem areas while benefiting your health overall.

Balance & Strengthening

Strength training does much more than improve your appearance. Weight lifting can help to develop stronger core muscles, which we use to support ourselves. Having a strong core is essential to maintaining proper posture and balance. Weight lifting will improve your range of motion as you properly exercise and strengthen your muscles and ligaments. This is crucial to your mobility and ability to react to your environment.

As we get older and our muscles naturally begin to weaken with time, it is important to include strengthening exercises. Using weight lifting equipment is a great way to add to your preventative routine. This is especially important because as we age, the risk for falls increases, as well as the risk of secondary injury. Being able to properly support your core and having a full range of motion is crucial to our independence. As the areas of our health begin to diminish, people will naturally need more support in the form of back braces, walkers, and assistive devices. Make sure to do your part and keep up with your strength training early.

Increased Quality Of Life

We want to look and feel our best in life. When we feel great, it is easy to get more accomplished and with less strain. Working to keep our endurance and strength up will help keep our bodies in peak shape as we age, allowing us to enjoy our independence well into retirement. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment when we are able to complete difficult tasks by ourselves, and weight-lifting equipment can help you achieve your goals.

It’s also important to like the way we look. It’s hard to have an enjoyable quality of life when you are frequently unhappy with your appearance. Having a positive body image is important to maintaining your mental health as well as your physical health. It’s a proven fact that our bodies react negatively when we are emotionally upset. This can raise stress levels and cortisol and even deter fat production in the body. Positive effects can be achieved when we have a good feeling about our body image.

Ready, Set, Lift!

Lifting weights doesn’t mean you’re preparing for the next powerlifters meet-up at your local gym. You won’t be expected to deadlift your body weight, and there are no set standards on how much you should lift. Whether you are looking to do a few reps with some heavy weight or just want to add some resistance exercises and dumbbells to your current routine, there is no wrong way to start. The important thing is that you remain consistent in your effort to improve your health. Mix up your routine and give weightlifting a try. Make sure to warm up first, and always have a spotter available when you’re using heavy-weight lifting equipment.

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