Why Interior Design Is Important In The Fashion World

Why Interior Design Is Important In The Fashion World #fashion #style #design #fashiondesigners #fashiondeisgn #interiors #homeinteriors #success #inspiration #motivation #fashionista
Why Interior Design Is Important In The Fashion World #fashion #style #design #fashiondesigners #fashiondeisgn #interiors #homeinteriors #success #inspiration #motivation #fashionista

Today’s world of high fashion is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of carrying your ‘look’ through from the clothes you wear to the way in which you design and decorate your home. If you look at any fashion magazine, you will see models placed in a setting/backdrop that complements what they are wearing. For example, you wouldn’t see a Prada shoe model walking down tin pan alley in an ad just as you wouldn’t be likely to see a Victoria’s Secrets model posing in Buckingham Palace. It just isn’t done! So then, what does this mean for today’s fashionista? Why, everything, of course!

Why Interior Design Is Important In The Fashion World #fashion #style #design #fashiondesigners #fashiondeisgn #interiors #homeinteriors #success #inspiration #motivation #fashionista 1. It’s All About Fabric

One of the things you will notice in the interior design trends of today is that there is a growing use of fabric on everything from walls to furniture, and everything in between. Unlike the sharp cold lines of modern design that was trending until recent years, today’s interior design has a softer touch because fabric has made a huge comeback. Just check out the website  fashioninteriors.co.uk, and you will see how fabric is playing a huge role in interior design with all the bright and bold colours available with their curtains, wallpapers, blinds, cushions and even tiebacks. It is this use of fabric that makes the next two items especially important for today’s fashionista.

Why Interior Design Is Important In The Fashion World #fashion #style #design #fashiondesigners #fashiondeisgn #interiors #homeinteriors #success #inspiration #motivation #fashionista

2. Both Reflect Who You Are

It has long been known that the clothes you wear are a positive reflection of who you are. Even though we are taught as children never to “judge a book by its cover,” the sad reality is that this is the way society works. Now then, carry this over to your home environment. It’s time to take a serious (and honest!) look at the way in which you decorate and keep your home. Pretend for a moment that you are someone entering your home for the very first time. What would you think of this person at first glance? Today’s Fashionista is undoubtedly a social creature, as are most Millennials, and this is why interior design is as important as the clothes you wear when making a fashion statement!

Why Interior Design Is Important In The Fashion World #fashion #style #design #fashiondesigners #fashiondeisgn #interiors #homeinteriors #success #inspiration #motivation #fashionista

3. The Need to Avoid Sharp Contrasts When Entertaining

Finally, there is one more point to consider when working to create a ‘whole picture.’ Since fabric in interior design has made a huge comeback, it’s time to think about your wardrobe in terms of your surroundings. As mentioned above, you need to ‘fit’ your clothes to the setting you are in. When it comes time to redecorate your home, consider the clothes you wear most or are most comfortable in. Will these conflict with the décor you have planned? Conversely, if it’s time for a new wardrobe, do the clothes you buy complement your home? There is nothing worse than sharp contrasts in style and colour when entertaining, and this is why you need to carry a ‘thematic’ approach in fashion.

This probably isn’t something you would read in most fashion magazines, but from a sociological perspective, it makes sense. Nothing is as confusing as something naggingly out of place. The clothes you wear are as much a statement of who you are as are your surroundings. For the best effect, carry your personality throughout, and you will be happier for it – so, too, will your guests!

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