Why Are Online Weddings On Trend?

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As a result of health concerns, many aspects of our lives have been changed, including the wedding plans of couples around the world. The wedding industry is finally recovering, and the way weddings are held has changed drastically, leading to the emergence of a number of new wedding trends like online weddings.

Taking the lead in current wedding trends are virtual weddings. These are remote weddings where a couple live streams their nuptials for guests who attend via video conferencing platforms.

Online weddings are leading the pack in these emergent trends, and here are a few reasons why:

  • The Number Of Guests 

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) still recommends avoiding large gatherings or events. A virtual wedding will mean there are no guests gathered together physically. This arrangement will mean the couple won’t have to worry about who should or shouldn’t be invited. They also wouldn’t have to ensure that the guests have taken precautions to keep everyone safe.

  • Less Stressful

Many couples favor virtual weddings because they remove all the hassles and distractions of ‘traditional’ weddings. In many ways, being on camera has given people the opportunity to act and interact in a way that they wouldn’t normally do. 

Physical separation from the crowd can also reduce any stage fright. Being in a room with just your loved one can make a person less nervous.

  • Do Something Different

One of the biggest reasons online weddings are trending is that they’re unique. As with a traditional wedding, your online wedding can still feel personal and as unique as you wish. You can personalize it as you would a typical wedding. And don’t forget that by having a virtual wedding, your celebration will already be different from the rest.

Just as this can be as unique a wedding as others, it can be just as valid from a legal standpoint.

  • Budget

Uncertain times can make people live strictly on a budget. Despite that, a wedding is a cause for celebration and people to have a good time, even if it’s on a budget.

Online weddings are right on trend as they allow people to enjoy themselves while saving money. Since this isn’t your ‘typical’ wedding, your guest list isn’t linked to your budget.

A virtual wedding means only a few key players have to be in physical attendance, which equals saving money you’d have otherwise spent on food, venue, a DJ, or even a showstopping cake.

  • No Need To Trim The Guest List

There is no limit to the number of people who can attend. Your grandparents, parents, all your friends, and co-workers can attend. 

All those who would not have been able to make your original wedding because of conflicts, distance, or for any other number of reasons can attend.

If you choose to invite everyone you can have a big wedding. You’ll only be limited by your choice of the streaming site. Keep in mind that some streaming services limit the number of people you can invite while others don’t.

  • It’s Fairly Simple

The wedding can happen now! You don’t have to wait or postpone your wedding any longer than you have to. There’s no reason to wait for a favorable season or the perfect timing.

However, marriage does have to meet some very specific legal requirements to be considered legitimate. Due to some difficulties, some of the requirements, like applying for your marriage license in person in some states or making an appointment to get one in others, may not be easy to meet. Moreover, they may differ, depending on which state and county you live in.

  • You Can Have A ‘Real’ Wedding Later

Having a virtual wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a big wedding later. An online wedding allows you to start your life as a married couple and save money for the wedding of your dreams later. 

In addition, it removes a lot of pressure from you concerning the wedding. You can wait until situations are more favorable to start thinking about the physical wedding party.


Online weddings are right on trend and becoming increasingly popular because they offer couples the chance to get married now and have a big wedding celebration later.  They can have a simple but unique wedding on a budget.

Even though the technology that allows people to participate in events virtually has existed for years, people have gotten used to planning events that people attend in person.

Recent times have taught us that there will be times lives when physical attendance just isn’t possible. You can just be on-trend and plan a virtual wedding.

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