What’s Hot For Homecoming This Year

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As schools and students prepare in full gear for the resumption of normalcy after more than a year of uncertainty, kids get excited and are more stoked about homecoming. Being with friends in person and meeting alums who recently embarked on a more serious aspect of their education are enough reasons to prepare for homecoming. 

Recently, homecoming has gotten more attention than the prom in many high schools in the United States and Canada. This is because they see homecoming as more inclusive, with even younger students being allowed to participate in the dance and all the activities prepared by the school and the student body.  

The Essence Of Homecoming 

In 1910 the very first homecoming dance took place at the University of Illinois. Since then, it has become an age-old American tradition. Homecoming could be a week-long event celebrating the return of students and alums to school after the summer holiday. Typically, it kicks off the football season with activities honoring the school’s traditions.  

Welcoming alums back is a very bittersweet moment for many students. This is also a chance for the alums to share their recent experiences in the university. For many, homecoming is also a chance to rekindle friendships and flings, so being at your best is utterly essential. If you need a dress for the occasion, ask around about Sherri Hill hoco dresses as soon as possible. They run out quickly, so you’d better get your hands on one now.  

Some even make homecoming proposals to make it more memorable. It’s similar to promposals that have been portrayed in many movies recently. If you want something trendy for homecomings in 2022, follow these hottest trends: 

  • Choose Emerald Green, Rose Gold, And Bubble Gum Pink  

These three colors are the colors of the year for homecoming and prom 2022. They have varying effects but will make you stand out on the dance floor. Who knows? One of these colors could make you a homecoming queen! 

Emerald green will make you look elegant and sophisticated with its jewel tone. Using this color on an extended dress projects royalty and refinement. The only thing missing would be your crown.  

Rose gold, meanwhile, looks very classy and would be flattering for any skin tone. Short dresses in rose gold will make you look like a modern princess in search of a prince. Rose gold in a glittering finish will make any girl stand out. Your dress’ shimmering hue will direct everyone’s eyes to where you are.  

Bubble gum pink’s youthful vibe and sweet hue will make any head turn. You can bet everyone will be mesmerized by your aura. Whether on a short or long dress, bubblegum pink will work. Choose your style and let this candy hue be your choice for a night of dancing 

  • Cutouts 

Cutouts on the hip or an intricate cutout at the back will make a provocative statement for a homecoming affair. These could direct the eye to the most beautiful part of your body. At the back, it could emphasize your sexy behind. These could make the eyes travel to your hip, which is another of your sexy assets.  

Recently, cutouts have made long dresses less boring with their playful take on the dress’ ability to reveal sexy body parts without being too much. These could also elongate the legs if the dress cut could travel up to a high side slit. 

  • One Shoulder Dress 

One shoulder shimmering dress is in style this 2022, and it has caught the attention of many girls with its ability to highlight toned and broad shoulders and shift the eyes to focus on the neckline. The one-shoulder dress could have one side in a long or short sleeve, with the body of the dress having a long slit for symmetry.  

  • 2-Piece Dresses 

Next, 2-piece dresses have been all the rave this year with their ability to show off those hard-earned abs. These matching sets may look low in the effort, but the impact they could project as you enter the ballroom can be profound.  

These coords, depending on the style and material, can make one look like an exotic Arabian princess or a bohemian goddess. You may also project a no-nonsense image, but you can be assured that invitations to dance will never stop. Expect a night full of dancing, so you had better match these 2-piece dresses with comfortable strappies to fully enjoy the night.  

  • Sneakers With A Short Cocktail Dress 

Believe it or not, you can wear sneakers to your homecoming dance! You can be as comfortable as you can. Pair your white sneakers with pretty feminine pink short dresses in lace, tulle, or even a beaded formal long dress. Unless explicitly indicated by the school, there are no rules against wearing sneakers at an event like a homecoming.  


Homecomings are here to stay. For many who missed this vital component of their high school or college life, don’t worry. The world is easing to normal, and you can shimmy and dance your way in your fringed bubblegum pink dress to your homecoming very soon as you know what’s hot this year.

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