What You Should Know About Wearing Fragrances

What You Should Know About Wearing Fragrances #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #LaBellaperfumes #topbrand #cologne #perfumes #wearingfragrances

Bringing your best self to every moment isn’t just about what you look like. Rather, it’s about how you’re feeling. You’re a multifaceted individual,  and sometimes the mood or the occasion at hand calls for a different side of you. Whether you’re feeling fun and flirty or elegant and enigmatic, wearing fragrances enables you want to act the part on every level.

While others may be able to see what you’re putting down, realize that your scent (or lack thereof) says as much as your fashion about where you are in the moment. Here’s what the experts at LaBelle Perfumes want you to know about wearing fragrances.

Understanding Perfume Types

One of the most important factors in a fragrance is the concentration of perfume oil in the volume of the product. Understanding these classes of dilution can help you decide which scent the moment is calling for:

  • Eau Fraiche: This describes scents that are marketed as “splashes” or “mists.” These scents contain 3% or less aromatic ingredients and are diluted with water, instead of oil or alcohol.
  • Eau de Cologne: Often labeled simply as “cologne,” these scents contain around 5% of aromatic compounds. Often the term “cologne” is used to indicate a masculine fragrance.
  • Eau de Toilette: This describes fragrances with approximately 10% concentration of aromatic components. Many products that are called “cologne” are actually eau de toilettes. 
  • Eau de Parfum: Sometimes called “parfum de toilette”, these products contain around 15% of aromatic compounds.
  • Parfum or Extrait: With an aromatic compound concentration of around 20%, these scents are usually sold as perfume, perfume extract, or pure perfume.

Stronger concentrations last longer and require less to make an impact.

Generally, you apply fragrance on your pulse points, parts of the body where your skin is warmest due to the strongest blood flow. With stronger concentrations, a dab on the wrists and throat may suffice. For lighter concentrations, you can also spray behind the ears, on the inside creases of the elbows or knees, and on your chest.

Finding the Right Notes

When exploring scents at LaBelle Perfumes, it’s important to understand how a product is classified. Most products are described as having three sets of notes, top (head), middle (heart), and base notes.

The aromas that are immediately perceived when applied are called top notes, evaporating quickly and shaping the initial perception. Common examples are coriander,  lavender, and mint.

Middle notes emerge right before the top notes fade, making up the main component of a particular fragrance. Jasmine and sandalwood are examples of middle notes.

Base notes such as amber, musk, and tobacco, are responsible for the depth of a scent. Sometimes initially unpleasant, these notes are perceived later, growing more pleasant with time.

Meeting the Moment

When it comes to perfumes and colognes, it’s OK to have a go-to signature scent; however, it’s also great to have different fragrances for different scenarios and seasons. LaBelle Perfumes carries top brands for wearers of all ages, including children. From floral fragrances to aquatic aromas and more, you can find products that go from the office to an evening out on the town. Shop our inventory of discounted fragrances, gift sets, and more to meet all the moments in your life.

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