What To Do With Your Wrecked Car

What to do with your wrecked car
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Are you confused about what to do with your wrecked car that is damaged beyond repair? Is your old unused car taking up too much space in your garage? Stop worrying about things like these. If your car was in an accident and the mechanics tell you a considerable cost to repair it, you can toss it away in a good deal. If that is not the case, there are other methods to handle a car that is no more good to use or severely damaged. Here are some ways to deal with your confusion of owning a totaled car. (Image Credit: Teddy Österblom/Unsplash)

1. Go with the insurance company decision

Your car will be insured for the right amount of money. So when it comes to irreparable damage, you can approach the insurance company. After the accident, if the mechanics give up on the repair, the insurance company steps in. They check the car for estimating the severity of the damage and writes a check for your car. If you feel like your car is only worth that much in the present condition, you can take the money. This is an easy way of getting rid of your damaged car. But there are good chances that the insurance company offers only a sum of 65-75 percent of the original value of the car. You should be sure about the money before you decide to accept their offer.

2. Repair it

If your car is still safe to drive or tow, you can take it to a workshop and repair it with your own money. After fixing, your car will increase in value and can get a better deal out of it than giving up the car directly to the best bid. Instead, you can sell this repaired car for a better price and get a good one for the money.

3. Sell it to a scrapyard.

If you feel like your car won’t be good enough for anything, you can sell it off to junkyards. Car wrecking services and many other facilities are available in your neighborhood. These people tow your car for free into their scrapping facility. There you have to finish some paperwork that the owner should do, and they will pay a reasonable amount for wrecking your car. Then they remove the oil, gas, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. With the help of different methods like distillation or reverse osmosis, the liquids are diluted for safe disposal. The tire and other steel parts are removed for reuse, and the rest is crashed into the size of a golf ball.

4. Keep the car if the damage is not huge

Selling off the car should be the last thing that should come to your mind when thinking of the loss. Minor problems can be ignored to an extent. If your vehicle has only minor problems like a scratch which needs so much money to do a paint job to cover up, leave it. If your car is still good to drive and has a fitness certificate, these are not that big of a problem. You can still use it and wait for a good time where you can sell it on a good deal.

5. Donate

You can donate your wrecked car to charity. There are services available even online, that tows away your car for free and gives you some good amount of money for the reusable parts. They provide a depreciated value. Most of the money that is got from the car is transferred to a charity fund.

6. Sell it for salvage

Your insurance company does not give you the exact value of your damaged car. For profit purposes, they won’t offer you much. But you can keep the car from them and sell it for a better amount. These facilities give you a better amount for recyclable and reusable parts available in the vehicle. This is also good for someone interested in the car parts for another car can use these parts. There are junk and salvage yards which do this type of services if you are willing to give your car.

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