How To Hire The Right Digital Marketing Firm

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You’re the administrator of a small hospital in Provo specializing in obstetrics, surgery care, and specialty medicine. There’s no scarcity of patients coming and going to the hospital. There are weeks that the hospital is fully booked.

During one of the monthly meetings, the department heads brought to your attention, that while the hospital would seem busy, there are departments that are falling below expectations in terms of generating revenue from its services. Overall, the initial assessment is that the hospital’s financial health has not reached its full potential, and perhaps with some boost, the annual revenue could get an additional 10% to 15% increase.

Digital marketing was discussed, and one young doctor suggested that the hospital should consider hiring a digital marketing firm. You’re now charged to execute the decision of hiring a digital marketing firm to help boost the hospital’s financial performance. What are the essential things to know about hiring a digital marketing firm?

Consider the following tips:

The State of Digital Marketing

Technology has become a principal driving force in practically any business today. Digital marketing is powered by that same force, through computers, apps, and the internet.

Digital media advertising has generated more than $496 billion in revenues in 2018. That young doctor in your team is on to something. Another survey indicates that 28% of digital marketing clients said that their primary goal for hiring a firm is to increase sales.

Deciding on a Digital Marketing Firm

The data seem enticing, indeed. But before you sign a contract with a digital marketing firm, consider the following ideas first.

Your budget and what you need. Marketing firms offer a broad range of services from SEO implementation to website development to managing social media campaigns. Do your research first and understand what you want to achieve. Not all the services may be for you. A restaurant business would require a heavy presence on social media, while a roof repair business would require a different approach. You must be able to explain what you need and what your corresponding budget is.

Competency and Credibility. Due diligence is key. Find out if the company your considering has a good track record. Customer testimonials would be a good indicator of this. But ask people for recommendations too. You need to discern from their advertising what they are good at. Are they good in social media and online marketing? Or is their forte to create stunning websites? Have they worked with clients like your company? Research well their portfolio of clients.

Get dirty on the technical. Firms would often offer boilerplate solutions to clients that are based on technologies used in previous projects. Yes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, but push for your need to achieve your goal. If, for example, the website technology being offered won’t meet your needs, then you have the right to reject their proposal and ask them to come up with a new one. Be savvy and firm when discussing the technical aspects of the solutions being proposed.

Find your match. You’re going to interface with people from the digital marketing firm often. Social media campaigns require planning and scheduling. There will be plenty of interaction around a table. Make sure that your company culture and your people are a match with the energy and mentality of the team on the other side.

There’s plenty more that you should watch out for. Always be clear on their deliverables and the schedule. You can request regular reporting. Doing this will eliminate unnecessary surprises and misunderstandings.

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