What Snacks Do Guys Usually Like?

What Snacks Do Guys Usually Like? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #snacks #snackings #healthbenefits #tastessweet #nutrients #hungersatisfaction
What Snacks Do Guys Usually Like? #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #snacks #snackings #healthbenefits #tastessweet #nutrients #hungersatisfaction

Snacking is something that everyone does, from young children to older adults. Humans are driven by hunger and taste, and the perfect snacks satisfy both. Here are some snacks, ranging from the flavorful to what fills you, with some of them providing the health benefits people need. (Image Credit: Emmanuel Ben-Paul/Unsplash)


This is one of the first few things that most people will think of when they consider snacks. It isn’t a healthy choice but with the variety of flavors and brands, it is one of the tastiest options out there. These are just easy snacks that you can bring with you anywhere and are perfect for picnics, BBQs, movies, and TV watching.


Candies are great for when you are at the movies. These snacks aren’t meant to fill you up but give the palette a taste of something sweet, sour, and flavorful, depending on what candy you prefer. Of course, it is important to consume candies in moderation as they are high in sugars, but can otherwise be something nice to snack on in a variety of settings from working to hanging out with friends and family.

Ice Creams

If you ever find yourself on a warm summer day craving a snack, in most cases you’ll find that ice cream usually satisfies your sweetness cravings. These are perfect for combating the summer heat, with a variety of flavors and options. Whether it is ice cream from the ice cream truck by the beach, or from the tub at home, there’s always time for a bit of your favorite dairy(or non-dairy) dessert.

Pies And Cakes

If you are celebrating something significant, or just want something that is both fun and tasty, cakes and pies are perfect for some sweet snacking. These are more for events Additionally, you can also get savory pies that are not so sweet, but are filled with meat for something to fill your stomach during the midday and satisfy your hunger.


The perfect entertainment snack, popcorn is basically the staple food that you will find at most large gathering events. From BBQs, parties, picnics, to sporting events and shows, there is something about popcorn that pairs perfectly with enjoyment and fun. Nothing beats the movie-style popcorn, fresh and topped with butter, but you can also get different flavored ones for your at-home or party needs.


There is something magical about the chocolate. There’s not much you can use to describe it or the feeling it gives you, bringing you back to your childhood days. It provides that Willy Wonka feeling of excitement. There are so many types and forms, from the sweetness of milk chocolate to the bitterness of dark chocolate. From bars to smaller fit in your hand snacks, there are so many ways to enjoy chocolate.


The previously listed snacks are all well and good for satisfying cravings around flavor and taste, but sometimes you want to eat to also satisfy your hunger. One snack that you can select that will provide you a bit of hunger satisfaction but also provides you flavor and saltiness of other snacks is jerky. There are different types of jerky as you can dry a wide variety of meats to enjoy, but regardless of which you prefer, these are great snacks that will help cater to your hunger. The fact that jerk is also typically packed in smaller bags allows this snack to be great for taking on the go while hiking and other outdoor activities.

Protein Or Snack Bars

Another snack that is perfect for taking on trips and excursions is protein or snack bars. These will provide you the nutrients you need to recover and replenish when involved with physical activities. These are also good to have handy after your gym workouts for needing to immediately give you the nutrients that will help maximize your muscle recovery. It is always smart to keep a bar or two in your day packs, as you will never know when the hunger strikes.

Smoothies and Shakes

Snacks are needed for times throughout the day where you are feeling peckish and hungry but don’t want to ruin your appetite in between meals. Smoothies and shakes are options that can help fill your stomach enough to help you last until the next full meal. In addition to being great snacks, they are great to help start your days and pair great with other snacks. The different types of smoothies you can make also ensures that you can get your needed nutrients and vitamins for times like after you exercise or for when you are trying to stay healthy, or simply have something on the sweet end if you want something flavorful. 


Eggs are one of the best snacks you can have, as they can give you the protein and health benefits from a hearty breakfast but in smaller portions, if that is all you’re craving. A hardboiled egg is perfect to take on the go, again being portable and easy to bring on hikes and day trips. Even making a small omelet will help you hold out until lunch or dinner, without leaving you feeling bloated or heavy. 


Peanuts, or nuts in general, a great versatile snack that has both health benefits but also satisfies any craving you have for something salty. They are a good source of protein, fats, and fibers, translating to a healthier alternative to other salty snacks like chips or pork rinds, and adding them to a trail mix is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. They are light enough to eat prior to meals and perfect for sitting around with the company at bars or other sporting events. 


You need to have approximately five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day according to traditional diets and food charts. There is a reason for this, as there are many health benefits to having fruits in your diet. There are so many types of fruits around the world to satisfy your flavor preference. They are just as portable as any food, which is key to what makes a snack great. And you can mix them in with other snacks and foods like cereals, smoothies, and even ice creams.

Regardless of whether you are snacking because you’re actually hungry or just want something that tastes sweet, there’s a different snack out there for every mood. It is important to note that like everything else, moderation is key and overconsumption of some foods isn’t a good idea. Keep this in mind to allow you to continue enjoying the snacks you love.

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