Silver Jewelry- Perfect for Glamour and Elegance

Silver Jewelry-amalgamation of Glamour and Elegance #jewelry #ornament #silverjewelry #silveranklet #silverbrcelet #silverchain
Silver Jewelry-amalgamation of Glamour and Elegance #jewelry #ornament #silverjewelry #silveranklet #silverbrcelet #silverchain

Ornaments effortlessly enhance the beauty of women. These have been prevalent since the stone age and continue to enchant people worldwide. Initially beautiful jewelry pieces were carved from stone. However, as humans began discovering metals, jewelry made with these substances took over. One of the metals that fascinated people during the earlier times was silver. Women loved adorning different kinds of ornaments crafted with this metal as they seemed attractive, pure and mystical. Silver jewelry still holds the same charm. (Image Credit: Macrovector/Freepik)

Silver Jewelry – Apt for Every Occasion

Silver jewelry renders a subtle yet glamorous appeal. This makes it apt for just about any occasion. Let us help you choose different jewelry pieces for different occasions:

Usual Office Day

Small silver stud earrings are a good option for a usual day at work. The ones embedded with pearl or emerald add style to the boring formal office wear. You may team this attire with a silver bracelet or bracelet watch to complete the look.

Semi Casual Dinner

A silver chain with a small pendant is just right for this not so formal occasion. You may choose to wear a thin silver anklet to enhance your style quotient.

Wedding Functions

When it comes to weddings and other such big functions, women love adorning heavy ornaments. An elaborate neck piece in this stunning metal is an apt choice. However, if you are planning to go for a high bun it is suggested to team it with big chandelier earrings and skip the necklace. A silver bracelet studded with your favourite gem stones should complete the look.

Healing Properties of Silver

Silver jewelry does not only looks stunning and serves as a perfect option for almost every occasion it is also known for its healing properties. This is yet another reason to wear it. It is being used by healers and medical professionals for the treatment of several mental as well as physical ailments. Just the touch of silver can cure various health conditions and keep several others at bay.

The antimicrobial properties of this metal ensure that it does not cause any allergic reaction. Rather, it can help prevent various kinds of infections and heal wounds. This is the reason why it is used in many wound dressings and creams. It also regulates the body temperature.

Besides, it has the power to calm the mind and sooth the senses. Wearing this jewelry over a time can help relieve stress and promote better sleep.

Available in wide variety of designs, silver jewelry has been popular since ages. It suits women of all age groups alike. You can pick different kinds of sleek as well as intricately designed 925 silver jewelry to accentuate your glamour quotient. Every piece of jewelry, be it a ring, bracelet, chain, pendant or anklet, looks equally great when crafted with this beautiful, shiny metal. The best part is that you don’t have to spend oddles of money to create your exclusive collection.

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