6 Simple Ways to Get Organized before Christmas

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While bubble baths, candles, and meditation may be some of the best ways to relax, they are not the best ways to reduce stress during the holidays. Being organized is the best way to minimize stress during Christmas.

Even if you aren’t a big “list” person, this is the ideal time to create one. Since every home is unique, the organization process depends on your specific needs. 

Here are a few simple ways to get organized before Christmas.

1. Create a Budget

You must create a budget if you want to spend your money well before and during Christmas. Budgeting is crucial before you even begin to consider Christmas preparations seriously.

Don’t forget to include everything you require. This includes your meals, transport and parking costs, holiday décor, and presents. 

Determine the amount you’ll need to spend and where you will be spending it. Write a list to make sure you don’t forget anything. Writing things down will give you a sense of what you need. It will help you avoid impulsive purchases as the big day approaches.

2. Start Adding Events to Your Calendar

The Christmas season can be hectic. It seems like you always have something to do. Make sure to start adding events to your calendar and diary as soon as possible. Include parties, school activities, family get-togethers, term dates, and anything else that might escape your attention.

If you have children in school, pay attention to their school calendars. Take note of any potential holiday performances. Considering placing a turkey order? 

Make a note of the times you may order and pick up. Don’t be afraid to be meticulous. Consider writing down the days you will need to complete your large Christmas food shopping. The more organized you are now, the easier it will be later.

3. Who Is Coming?

Determine who will be coming as soon as possible. You need to create a guest list before Christmas Day. It would be best if you had a clear idea of how many people you can have over before the Christmas season.

Create your guest list, double-check it, and send out invitations as soon as possible. Will some visitors have to stay the night? If so, start preparing the supplies you and they will require. Choosing who will sleep where, providing additional toilet paper, beds, bedding, etc.

4. Send Out Invitations

There is never a bad time to send out those invitations. Inform your loved ones that you will be hosting Christmas Day soon and get their RSVPs. If you start planning for 20 guests, you don’t want to learn that half of them have accepted another invitation after a month.

Ask your guests if they have any dietary allergies or preferences when you are sending out the invitation. Make sure there is enough food available and that everyone will be comfortable.

5. Take a Christmas Photo (During Fall!) to Use for Your Family’s Christmas Cards

Fall is the best time to take photos for your Christmas cards. You don’t want to wait until it is too late. Take advantage of the beautiful fall leaves and be creative with your photos. Some of the best photos are those where you have fun without putting too much pressure on yourself. Beautiful photo Christmas card designs will make your loved ones feel appreciated.

6. Use a Holiday Planner

A holiday planner is one of the best ways to have a more organized Christmas. You can download a variety of holiday planners from the internet or make your own.

The planner should help you organize the specifics of the holiday. You don’t need to memorize everything. You can also avoid problems with misplaced gifts or other holiday blunders. 

Here are a few things to record:

  • Your holiday recipes
  • Your shopping list for the holidays
  • Your budget
  • The events you’ll be attending or organizing
  • The gifts you plan on purchasing

Do you ever feel like the holidays stress you out more than they make you happy? You don’t deserve to feel that way over the holidays. Check out the above suggestions to find out how you can manage your Christmas this year. 

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