Visa Issues You May Face When Moving Abroad

Visa You Issues May Face When Moving Abroad #beverlyhillsmagazine #beverlyhill #bevhillsmag #movingabroad #visaissues #travel

If you are looking for a drastic change in your life and you want to start a new adventure, you might decide to move to another country. Sometimes people move to be with a partner or to study, but you might just decide that you want to turn over a new leaf and start again. Whatever your reasons for moving abroad, it’s a big step and there are a lot of things you need to sort out before you leave. Our tips for moving overseas will help you sort the details out but the most important thing you need to do is get your visa. 

In most cases, you will need to apply for a visa and be accepted before you can live in another country. If your visa isn’t in order when you arrive, you will most likely be turned away and you can be ejected from the country later on if issues with your visa are discovered. Unfortunately, getting a visa isn’t always the most straightforward thing in the world and there are some potential issues that can lead to it being declined. If that happens, your big plans for moving abroad have to be put on hold, so you need to avoid any problems during the application process. These are some of the most common visa issues you are likely to face when moving abroad. 

Applying For The Wrong Type Of Visa

This one is very common because people don’t always realize that they need a different kind of visa depending on their reason for entering the country. If you are going on a two week vacation, you can just get a visitor’s visa (if you even need one at all). But it’s a different story if you plan to settle there for a long period and the process of applying for a visa is more in-depth. Without the right visa, it is illegal to live and work in your chosen country and if you are found working on a visitor’s visa, you will be sent home. So, do your research and make sure that you apply for the right visa. 

Making Mistakes With The Paperwork

A lot of people make errors in the paperwork when filing for a visa and this leads to rejection. If you get the paperwork wrong or you miss out on important documents, you won’t get your visa, so take your time with the application. It’s best to go through an immigration lawyer and have them help you with it. They’ve filed countless visa applications and they know exactly what needs to be included, so there won’t be any unnecessary delays due to issues with the paperwork. 

Failing To Declare Criminal Convictions

Most countries require you to declare any previous criminal convictions on your visa applications, but people often fail to do this. They assume that they will definitely fail if they do, so they try to get around it by lying. However, if you are caught out, your application will be denied and, in most cases, they will find out. It’s better to be upfront because a lot of countries will still consider your application. 

If you are planning a move abroad and you are getting your visa sorted out, make sure you avoid these common mistakes. You can check out evisa application to guide you on any visa issue you may have.

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