Velverie Café and Teahouse in Beverly Hills

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An average Californian spends about $83,599 every year at restaurants. This is no surprise, as there are excellent restaurants in Beverly Hills and most foodies flock there. Velverie Café and Teahouse is a beautiful restaurant in Beverly hills. It offers excellent cuisine and a relaxing ambiance to everyone from all walks of life.

Velverie Café and Teahouse creatively blends the decorum of breakfast with luxury brunch and some little aspects of pop culture, music, art, and fashion. You could walk into the Euro-style café and teahouse for Brunch and afternoon tea any day. The dining area has a pure sense of fun, warmth, and glamour, and guests are put through moods with varying music playing daily.

Walk into Velverie Cafe for tea or delicious Brunch, and enjoy classy interior, cushy, comfortable seating arrangements, perfect lighting, unique décor, and excellent customer service or decide to deliver your food to your home or workplace with the Toast, Postmates, and Uber Eats options. Try some delicious items off the menu like Almond Crepe, Parfait, Steak Frites, Smoked Salmon Omelette, Penne alla Vodka, Velverie Eggs, and more!

Located in Santa Monica Blvd, the heart of Beverly Hills. An area quite famous for its festivities and exciting activities. This is an ideal place to celebrate precious moments or have simple, quiet fun with friends or family members. Make a reservation to enjoy these moments on the patio or dining room.

Ready to relax and just let your body release the stress? Stop by Velverie Café and Teahouse to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, appetizing food, and afternoon tea with good things to eat. You also want free parking from after 6 pm and on Sundays.

In a bustling place where celebrity sightings are de rigeur, and enjoyment is plentiful, Velverie Café and Teahouse offers you a range of fun possibilities any time you walk in, book a reservation, or place an order.

Book your reservation now and relax!

9737 S Santa Monica Blvd

Beverly Hills,

CA 90210

 (310) 402-2296

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