Brazi Bronze: For that Safe Gorgeous Tanned Skin

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Brazi Bronze is an all natural, vegan skincare product that specializes in giving your skin the best, healthy looking tan. Along with the brand are tanning oils, serums, lotions and moisturizers. Alana Campos, the Brazilian-US model and entrepreneur behind the line, got her inspiration from her roots. Every time she went home to Brazil she would bring with her back a secret tanning oil her friends would love. This resulted in them pushing her to launch her own line and career out of this amazing product. Additionally, she spent 3 long years perfecting the production of Brazi Bronze, to make sure the formula is perfect. Only the best organic ingredients are used to fit all kinds of skin types. Now let’s take a look at a few products that give you the ultimate healthy looking (and feeling) Brazilian tan.


The first amazing product we present to you is the Brazi Bronze organic tanning oil. Made of Beta Carotine, Almond and carrot oil, Vitamins A and E and packed with antioxidants, this will surely make your skin deeply nourished and moisturized. Furthermore it contains Urucum seeds that lavishes the skin in nutrition and anti-oxidation. Bring this tanning oil with you for that trip in Hawaii or that Las Vegas Pool party with your friends. You will definitely come back looking sun kissed and fresh.


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The second skin care product we feature to you here is this very convenient vegan self tan moisturizing lotion. Similarly, it gives your skin that healthy glowing tan except it doesn’t need the sun! How absolutely convenient! Made of amino acids, anti oxidants, vitamin C and natural DHA, it not only gives you a gorgeous looking tan, it hydrates your skin too. In addition to that, this self tanning lotion does not give you an orange looking tan, nor emits a color that sticks to your clothing. It is a very natural and beautiful tan. Do you want to look like you just came from a tropical vacation without actually going under the sun? Plus points as its coconut scent makes you feel like you are at the beach; well this is the perfect product for you!


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The third and final product we show you here is this self-tanning serum. Made with antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, natural DHA, Aloe Vera and more, you can be certain this serum will not clog your pores and refreshes and nourishes your skin from deep within while giving you a healthy golden glow. Furthermore, like the previous product, there are no orange tones, no streaks on your clothes and no direct sun exposure. This product is great for the face and when you pair it with the self-tanning lotion for your body, you get an even stunning Brazilian tanned skin, that so many will envy you for! Look like you just got sun kissed and glowing with this serum!

All the products we featured are vegan, n0n-GMO, and eco-friendly. Beauty that helps the environment is Brazi Bronze. Add to cart on their website now! For more eco friendly beauty products we’ve recently featured click here.

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