Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountain
Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountain

The Caribbean Islands have long been a popular vacation destination. The crystal blue waters, white beaches, and enjoyable climate beckon anyone looking for the ultimate relaxation. However, all of the Caribbean Islands have a little something extra that make each one special. 

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountainVacation in paradise

St. Lucia, one of the Windward Islands grouping, is the most lush island in the Caribbean. Waterfalls, hot springs, and rainforests abound. Uniquely, St. Lucia is home to Sulphur Springs, also known as the world’s only drive-in volcano. Look no further than St. Lucia if you are looking for a bit of adventure to accentuate the relaxation of your next Caribbean vacation.

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Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountainAn exclusive luxury destination

Jade Mountain is the most exclusive getaway on the island. This luxury beachfront resort is on the southwestern coastline of St. Lucia. It is next to Petit Piton and offers breathtaking views of Gros Piton. Architect and owner Nick Troubetzkoy has taken great pride in designing and operating this stunning property. Impressively, Jade Mountain is the recipient of countless accolades from various travel magazines and travel organizations. 

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountainUnparalleled accommodations

Jade Mountain is truly an exclusive getaway. Guest quarters are known as sanctuaries at the resort and there are only 24 of them. A Jade Mountain vacation will endeavor to disconnect guests from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sanctuaries are free of televisions, telephones, and clocks. Instead, Jade Mountain encourages guests to immerse themselves in peace and beauty of the island during their stay. Enjoying the beauty of St. Lucia will be a breeze with a Jade Mountain vacation as the resort’s sanctuaries take “open concept” to a whole new level. Uniquely, each sanctuary has an open fourth wall that offers panoramic views of the Pitons and Caribbean Sea. 

The Galaxy Sanctuary offers the most luxurious stay at the resort. These opulent guest quarters offer roughly 2000 square feet of living space. Additionally, most sanctuaries include an infinity pool that crests the open fourth wall, seamlessly transitioning from living space to the outdoors. The Galaxy sanctuary boasts a generous 900 square foot infinity pool. And even the bathroom is an incredible experience as it, too, has an open fourth wall. It is as though you’ve just stepped into the pages of a luxury travel magazine. 

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountainSumptuous cuisine

There are many ways to dine at Jade Mountain. James Beard Award-winning chef, Allen Susser has created a signature style, Jade Cuisine, for the resort. This tropical flavor adapts to seasonal changes throughout the year. Also, guests can also dine at Jade Mountain’s sister resort, Anse Chastanet. 

In addition, Jade Mountain has their own Chocolate Lab. The Emerald Estate is home to 2000 cocoa trees. Guests can watch chocolate being made and even participate in the processing. Also, Emerald Farm, which is 20 minutes from the resort, is an organic farm for the freshest farm to table experience.

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountain

Activities abound

The 600 acres of Jade Mountain are awash with activities. There are two beaches at the resort, Anse Chastanet and Anse Mamin. Of course, water sports, like paddle boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and sailing, are easily accessible from the beaches. The resort has a variety of hiking experiences, both with and without a guide. Exploring the reef with scuba diving is a wonderful way to pass a day. Both shore and boat dives are available. St. Lucia is home to six endemic species of birds, making birdwatching a nice relaxing pastime. 

Additionally, Jade Mountain can arrange for amazing adventures off the resort grounds. Visits to Diamond Falls, the Botanical Gardens, and Sulphur Springs are on many a traveler’s bucket list. A soak in one of St. Lucia’s mud baths is a relaxing experience not soon forgotten. Though, for adrenaline seekers, a Gros Piton climb is a must!

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountainUltimate relaxation 

The spa at Jade Mountain is the epitome of decadence. Treatments can occur in either the spa proper or within the comfort of a guest’s sanctuary. Guests seeking ultimate relaxation should indulge in the Anpagal Four Hand Massage. Two massage therapists simultaneously give recipients a vigorous head to toe massage. Looking to be pampered with your loved one? The Alchemy of Two includes nearly two hours of a relaxing hot tub, concurrent massages, and oils and elixirs designed specifically for males and females. And, tantalizing chocolates cap this luxurious experience. 

Also, the spa home to two highly experienced yogis, Laura Timmusk and Nelson Chako. These instructors offer classes that can be individually modified for beginner to advanced students. Private in-room sessions are also available.

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountainRomantic destination weddings

Jade Mountain is the quintessential locale for a romantic destination wedding. The staff of the resort will make all the arrangements the happy couple desire for their special day. There is no chapel at the resort. However, the ceremony can take place anywhere on the grounds. Imagine a wedding on the beach, a backdrop of the Emerald Estate, nuptials at sea, or a ceremony from the heights of the resort’s Celestial Terrace. Also, adventurous couples can even have their ceremony under water! Furthermore, Catholic church weddings can also be arranged with the help of Jade Mountain staff. 

When you are looking to cross a Caribbean vacation off of your bucket list, travel to St. Lucia for a stay at the luxurious Jade Mountain. 

Vacation at the Luxurious Jade Mountain #vacation #travel #bucketlist #beverlyhills #beverlyhillsmagazine #caribbean #beach #resorts #jademountain

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