Using an Autodialer to Get the Most Out of Your Business

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Multiple campaigns are conducted in an outgoing call center for a variety of processes. Market surveys and research are conducted by outbound call centers, as is lead generation thru cold calling, as well as follow-up and nurturing for inbound leads. They have aggressive targets that are nearly impossible to meet with manual dialing alone. When agents dial manually, they spend time on rejected calls, answering machines, dealing with busy tones, terminating calls, manually dialing contact numbers, and other repeated, inefficient chores that can be solved by using autodialer. They typically only speak for about 10-15 minutes per hour.

An autodialer significantly increases agents’ productivity by proportionally boosting their call time per hour and decreasing waiting times. It is what makes call center software operationally and commercially feasible.

In this article, you will learn what an autodialer is, how it works, and lastly, the benefits it may provide to your business.

What Is an Autodialer?

An autodialer is a type of software that automatically dials a telephone number from a list. The caller would either be linked to an agent by the software application or a prerecorded message when the call gets answered.

An autodialer is used to expedite procedures in work environments that require a high volume of recurring telephone interactions, such as healthcare, hospitality, sales, and contact centers.

It is also a type of system that eliminates the time wasted when using manual dialing in every phone number you have to call. In this manner, agents will be able to solely focus on the content of their message and its flawless delivery.

In having an autodialer, users must have an active telephone connection, a computer, and a voice modem. However, depending on the technology you choose to employ, cloud-based autodialer alternatives are also available.

Autodialer: The Different Types 

There are three distinct types of autodialers – predictive, power or progressive, and preview. Here is a closer look at its features:

Predictive Dialers

By calling several telephone numbers simultaneously, predictive dialers significantly increase efficiency. However, you are not required to engage with numerous consumers concurrently, so there is no reason to be concerned.

This type of dialer can also foresee when a caller will end his or her current conversation with an agent. Before the agent completes the whole call script, a predictive dialer will already queue its next call. Predictive autodialers do this through the use of a pacing algorithm.

If you need to connect with as plenty prospective customers as possible on the other side of the line, the most efficient method is to use a predictive dialer.

Progressive Dialers or Power Dialers

This type of autodialer has a feature that automatically places the next call after the previous one has been completed. Progressive dialers seem to be the best alternative if you need to connect to as many leads as possible sequentially.

Preview Dialer 

Using this type of autodialer allows you to place an outgoing call or skip it. Furthermore, either the predictive dialer or the progressive dialer automatically calls the upcoming number on the list without providing you an option.

A preview dialer is an excellent choice when consumers like to view some essential information about the lead they are about to engage with prior to initiating the auto-dialing procedure. Whether it is a follow-up message or a discovery call, this type of autodialer will enable the agent to prepare for client interaction.

That is why, in call centers, preview dialers are the preferred method because they would require a conversation that has specific customer information. This is the best option if your outbound calling strategy prioritizes quality over quantity, necessitates intricate client situation handling, and operates on a smaller scale.

The type of autodialer you select should be determined by how you want to use it to assist your business functions.

The Advantages of Using an Autodialer

Autodialer systems can aid call centers’ outbound operations in a variety of ways. The following are just a few of the incredible advantages they offer to the table.

Increased operational efficiency

When you use an autodialer in your company, you will eliminate the need for manual dialing. The technology reduces dropped calls, prolonged wait times, misdialing, and other call limitations. It has a beneficial effect on your business’s operating efficiency.

When dialing is automated, agents receive only connected calls. The call connects ratio will significantly improve as a result of the autodialer’s capacity to recognize invalid numbers, busy signals, and voicemails. Naturally, more connected calls result in increased operational efficiency.

Increased agent productivity

When a business uses an autodialer, an agent’s call time per hour is much higher than in a non-dialer setting. This is, in fact, the most tangible advantage of utilizing such software.

As previously stated, auto-dialing systems generate calls in bulk and route answered calls with agents who are available. As a result of the constant influx of connected conversations, agents receive up to 40 or 50 minutes of call time each hour throughout the day.

The predictive autodialer can easily achieve increased talk time. This kind of predictive autodialer begins dialing numbers prior to the user’s confirmation. It wagers on a set number of calls being answered within a specified time period. It results in a low dropped call percentage, yet the maximum agent talk time is achievable.

Unproductive phone numbers are identified and separated

The most complex auto-dialing solutions are designed to detect inactive numbers, including DNCs (Do Not Call) numbers and fax lines.

One great thing about an autodialer is that it could be integrated with a customer relationship management (CRM) software. Due to the integration, the program will not simply identify but also filter out inactive numbers depending on updated customer data.

Increased productivity of blended campaigns

Some call centers specialize in only one type of call: either inbound or outbound. However, a sizable percentage of call centers globally handle both kinds of calls concurrently. The capacity to effectively manage these types of calls results in increased agent productivity simultaneously.

When a blended campaign is used, wherein the same group of agents or employees handle both outbound and inbound calls simultaneously, the autodialer will ensure that there are agents who are available to talk with a customer.

When performed manually, switching from inbound and outbound calls can be highly complicated for an agent, resulting in overall decreased productivity. However, an autodialer can automate the process, resulting in enhanced productivity.

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