Useful Tips For Working Moms On Taking Care Of Babies

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As a 21st century woman, it’s normal to want to have it all. Being a working mom is no walk in the park, especially today. Although it is admirable, it’s not easy focusing on your career and your babies at the same time! You’ve got to make sure both you and your baby are getting what you need. Not only that, but you also need to make sure that your baby is being taken care of while you’re at work. All of this can be exhausting, but with the right help, you can girl-boss and mom-boss your way to the top! To get you going, here are some tips to help you take care of your babies and their needs while you get that bread!

Plan out your Days

Every success story starts with a plan, and this applies to the busy working mom too. A lot of work and mother obligations on your plate can leave you feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. A good way to avoid missing any deadlines or forgetting to change any diapers is to create a solid schedule. A schedule that maps out your daily routine is a good way to stay on top of things. Start with a day-by-day schedule of what needs to happen and when. Create time slots for meetings, reports, babies’ playtime, and bottle time. If you can, make sure to include some “me time” in your schedule for your own well-being and mental health.

Work while you pump or Breastfeed

For most busy moms on the go, breastfeeding is a task that takes up too much time. Although breastfeeding or pumping while you work is a great way to save time, it’s not always comfortable or practical. Unless you work from home, it can be difficult to pull out a pump or a baby mid-meeting. This Willow Breast Pump guide shows that the key to pumping while you work is finding the right timing and pump. Do some research into the best pumps and bottles and save yourself some time and energy. At the very least, have a talk with your boss about leaving your mic and camera off while you breastfeed during the meeting!

Entertain and educate while you’re gone

Whether you’re hard at work in the office or in the other room, you’re forced to leave your baby alone for a few hours. Leaving your baby alone for so long can have detrimental effects on them as they grow. To combat this and to keep your child busy, consider playing them some educational Children’s shows or videos. Screens and kids get a bad rep, but everything is good in moderation. Plant your kids in front of a screen so they can learn and have fun for a few hours, while you get everything else on your plate done. After work and once screen time is over, you can reconnect with your child the old-fashioned way.

Get the support you need

Being a full-time working mom can be tough, and there’s no shame in asking for some help. The pressures of being a good mother and coworker can be enough to leave anyone frazzled and exhausted. There are so many expectations put on women that it’s normal to feel like you can’t have it all. It’s important to remember to speak out and ask for help when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed, especially as a working mother. Talk to your spouse, your friends, an online chat group, or seek out a professional to help you cope with the stress you’re under. Give yourself the necessary time you need to destress and relax and remember, you deserve it! You can’t run on fumes if you want to excel both in your career and as a mother.

There’s no denying that being a working mother of a newborn is hard, but there are ways to work around it! First things first, start off your day, week, or month with a solid plan. Allocate enough time for your work, your baby, and yourself and stick to that schedule to stay on top of things. Get creative with taking care of your child’s needs. Finish two jobs for the price of one and try breastfeeding or pumping while you work.

Keep your babies entertained and learning while you’re away with educational and fun shows. Give yourself some much-needed ‘me time and stay on top of your workload while your child stays busy. Last but not least, don’t forget to prioritize your own needs. Being a working mom is tough, don’t make it even harder on yourself by not focusing on your needs.

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