Useful Things Every Dog Owner Should Have

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Our dogs often become part of our family so it’s natural that we only want to spoil them every now and then. With so many products on the market for our furry loved ones, how do we know which ones will be safe for them, but will also be worth spending money on? The truth is we don’t. We rely on recommendations from fellow pet owners and the reviews they leave. With this in consideration, here are some useful things you should have if you’re a dog owner or are thinking of becoming one.

Dog Insurance

Pet insurance is something that you should have in place from the moment you get your furry friend. After all, you pay for your health care, so why not ensure you do the same for your pet? Researching general dog health, even for something as simple as pink eye, and what to look out for will enable you to look after them to the best of your ability. Knowing possible reasons for why your dog is vomiting could potentially save their life

Maintaining their health is as important as maintaining your own, especially if you want them around for as many dog years as possible.

Paying monthly will give you peace of mind when it comes to knowing your pet will be covered in case of an unexpected emergency. It also means that you will not be left out of pocket should this unfortunately occur.

It’s advisable to do your research as cover will vary from company to company. For instance, some will cover only a fraction of the overall costs, whereas others may cover more. You also have to consider your budget as well.

Pet Toys

Your dog will need entertainment and aside from going out and spending time with you, it will need to be able to occupy their time. Having a few toys to play with, whether it’s a chew toy or a cuddly toy, will make your pet happy and may even prevent your pet from chewing your furniture.

When selecting toys, you don’t have to restrict your choices. You can pick popular characters, colourful plushes or even toys with a squeaker. What’s more, if you have coupons that can help save you some money, you’ll be able to buy as many toys as you like. This could include teether toys for younger dogs to alleviate any discomfort they’re experiencing as their teeth are cutting. Plush toys will also brighten up their day and occupy your pet repeatedly for hours.

Light-Up Collar

This may be a worthwhile long-term investment for a dog owner. It comes in handy when taking your dog out first thing in the morning or last thing at night. It’s placed around your dog’s neck and like a reflective strip that cyclists wear, a light-up collar can alert road users and other people to the fact your dog is out with you.

Some collars are visible for up to one thousand feet at any angle. There are different settings, designed for any type of weather or visibility. Some are even water-resistant, with a battery life that’ll last for approximately one hundred days, depending on the number of walks and the length of time.


There will be times when you’ll need to leave your pet at home. Perhaps, on the school run or if you’re working. When you’re away from home and that’s where your pet is until you return, it’s only natural for you to wonder how they’re doing, if they’re safe, and if your home is still in one piece.

You can use a home camera, which you can watch via an app on your phone or PC, at any time of the day or night if it has night vision capabilities. This last option is great if you work shifts. However, there are cameras that are specifically made for watching your dog or other pets. Some do more than just provide real-time footage of your furry friend and are able to pop out treats that you pre-fill it with as and when you want to give them to your dog. All you do is control it via your phone.

Some even notify you when your dog is barking, allowing you to communicate with your dog via the camera to calm them down. There have been several reviews stating that these cameras have been instrumental in notifying them of potential emergencies, like fires or dogs eating human food that can leave them seriously ill.

Toilet Pads

Designed for the toilet training stage if you have a puppy or for dogs with bladder issues, toilet pads are ideal for clearing up toilet accidents your pets may have. There are many options available, with some having anti-slip backings and dog-attracting scents designed to encourage your pet to use the pad as their toilet instead of anywhere in your home. Some pads are made with environmentally friendly materials and have a pleasant scent to mask any annoying odors.

These are a good choice if you don’t want unsightly puddles and can’t keep chasing your dog around your home to make sure you don’t unexpectedly come across any surprises. Toilet training takes time and patience and with these pads, it may be a little less stressful for you during this stage as lots of people complain their puppy won’t poo outside in the first few months,

Ball Launcher

Before you become a dog owner, you have to be prepared to keep pace with their needs to keep active and have exercise. As we said at the outset, when discussing dog insurance, you’ll want your furry companion to be by your side for as many dog years as possible. For this to be possible you will need to ensure that they’re in good health from the first moment you’re with them. Exercise and activity is an important part of this. They need both physical and mental challenges so they’re not only maintaining their physical shape but are also mentally agile.

Of course, there’ll be times when you’ll be tired and are struggling to keep pace with your pet. When you’re experiencing fatigue, something like a ball launcher may help you keep your dog fit, whilst also allowing you some down-time.

Ball launchers do exactly as their name suggests – launch balls that your dog will retrieve and bring back to you, more than likely wanting to repeat the process. Most devices have pre-set distances, meaning you can vary the distance, whilst also ensuring the ball doesn’t get thrown out of safe distance. Some come with different-sized balls which you can use according to the size of your dog.

These are just some of the things a dog owner should have to make their life easier and their dog’s life more entertaining. A happy dog often means there is a happy owner as they are not stressed or worried about their pet. It will take time to find out what your dog likes and dislikes, as their preferences are as different as ours. However, once you’re aware of this, you’ll be on the way to forging a good relationship with your new friend for life.

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